What happens to teeth when they are braced?

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When you are going for the Orthodontic treatment with braces then you need to be properly prepared for it. The braces treatment is done usually in the case of crooked teeth, overcrowding teeth, improper jaw alignment, twisting of teeth, or any kind of teeth misalignment.


This treatment is done by the Orthodontist who has gained an extra qualification in addition to the normal dental degree as done by the dentist. An immense level of expertise is needed to make a proper alignment of the teeth.


The braces time duration is usually ranging between 12 months to 24 months, depending on the teeth position and other factors. After completion of the Orthodontic treatment, you will experience a proper position of the teeth after braces.


Before going to the braces treatment or after completion of the braces treatment, you might have thought about, how does the brace work? How do teeth move during the braces treatment? Well, we will be looking into it shortly. Before that, we will look at the various components needed in the braces treatment.

What components are needed for braces treatment? components are needed for braces

Brackets are the primary component of the braces where they are applied to each of the individual teeth. Arch wires are used for bonding the brackets together and apply proper pressure on each tooth to move it in a specific direction.


Arch wires are thin metal pieces that are instrumental in moving the teeth in a specific direction. The ligature elastics or O-rings are changed after some interval of months. They are tightened more to move the teeth in the specific direction. All these components are put properly to ensure that the teeth move in a specific direction.


Depending on the type of braces used, the putting of components differs. For metallic braces, metal components are used and put on the outer teeth surface.


For Ceramic braces, the ceramic material is used and put on the outer teeth surface. For Lingual braces, the braces are put on the inner surface of the teeth, exerting pressure from inside. For SDalign, the aligners are used that are removable and do the same task as the braces.

How do teeth move during braces treatment? why-should-i-get-braces

When you put up the braces, all the components of the braces, work collectively in a slower motion to move the teeth in the desired location. These components of braces actually loosen the undesired portion of the teeth to move it in a specific direction. The braces are put on the teeth in such a way that it does not affect the gum line of the tooth.


The movement of the teeth occurs without putting any pressure on the gum line. While the teeth move in a specific direction, the bone will grow back in the particular location to support the teeth properly.


The arch wire provides the way for the tooth to move in a particular position properly. The movement of the tooth must be slower due to long teeth braces time period, else the faster movement of the tooth can make it fallout from the specific location.


After a long-tail journey, the teeth will reach the ideal location as desired. When the teeth after braces treatment go to the specific location, the respective membrane and the bone will grow in the new position to support the tooth.

Understanding the braces time for treatment:

The duration of the braces for the Orthodontic treatment may vary from one person to another person. Remodeling of the bone occurs during the treatment when the tooth moves in a specific direction. For proper stabilization of the teeth after the braces treatment, it will take around one year period.


This is the main reason for most Orthodontists preferring to take more teeth braces time period for proper teeth positioning. It is more particularly the bone under the tooth that takes more duration to stabilize. After some duration, you can achieve a new smile that will look better.

Protection to take after braces removal:

After the removal of the braces, it is important to take some care for a few weeks to ensure the proper teeth position. It will help to keep the teeth positioning proper.

Some of the common things to do for few months after tooth removal:

  • Avoid eating any of the hard food items that can exert extra pressure on teeth.
  • Avoid playing any outdoor games or any rigorous physical activity.
  • Do not smoke or chew tobacco.
  • Use the retainers properly, if you are advised by the Orthodontist.
  • Do not do any teeth-related treatment like teeth whitening.

Orthodontic treatment with braces is one of the very long duration processes that involve huge costs. So, following the Orthodontist’s guidelines and taking all the care is of utmost importance. This will help to retain the straighten teeth position for a longer duration. Make sure that you do the regular visit to the Orthodontist during the treatment process properly.

Expert opinion

  • Dr Manan Dhulia Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "The Orthodontic treatment with braces takes a longer duration to complete. An Orthodontist makes a proper roadmap for treatment while starting it and guidelines to follow. Teeth move in a specific location at a very slow pace. Your care after the braces treatment will help to get proper teeth positioning."

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