Do root canal treatments aid in the preservation of natural teeth?

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When you suffer from any of the dental health issues, there are possibilities of treatment through the removal of the infected teeth. However, root canal treatment is one such way through which you can protect the natural tooth easily. Many people come across the problem with the molar tooth. Here, the molar root canal can help to retain the tooth properly.

How is a root canal done? root canal done

In root canal treatment, the pulp tissue which is infected is first removed and cleaned properly. After cleaning, it is filled with restorative material which is biocompatible and holds the tooth properly.

As there is a pain in the tooth after root canal treatment, many people tend to avoid this treatment. However, it is always better to do the root canal treatment and preserve the natural tooth. It will help you to maintain overall oral health nicely.

Why is saving natural teeth important?

Although providing relief from painful teeth is one of the important reasons for root canal treatment, saving the natural teeth is another equally important here. Saving the natural teeth will help to maintain the normal biting force, proper chewing food, provide a more natural appearance for the teeth & face. The presence of the teeth will help to avoid the other teeth from spreading in the empty space. By doing the root canal treatment, you can avoid some of the other treatment options like the bridge, dentures, dental implants, etc. All of these other treatments are usually more costly than root canal treatment. So, saving natural teeth will help an individual and help the person in many ways.

What are the signs of the damage in the pulp of the tooth?

When the tooth gets decayed, the pulp area gets infected to a lot of extents. Here, in root canal treatment the pulp area is removed, cleaned, and filled with proper suitable material. So, you must first know the signs of damage caused in the pulp of the tooth.

Here, are some of the signs of damage on the pulp of the tooth:

1. Swelling in the face

When the pulp area gets damaged, the structure of the face changes to some extent. The face appears a little swelling due to infection in the pulp of the tooth.

2. Spontaneous pain

As the pulp gets infected due to any of the reasons, the supporting and surrounding tissues get inflamed. It then starts affecting the nerve of the tooth due to pressure caused in the pulp cavity. So, there is sudden pain in the tooth in these circumstances. Sudden pain is one of the clear signs of infection in the pulp.

3. Tooth gets loose

When the pulp area gets damaged, the tooth gets loosened. So, when you experience loosening of the permanent tooth, then it may be a sign of pulp damage.

4. Gum Swelling Gum Swelling

In the pulp infection, the gum area also shows the problem of swelling. A person may even observe reddish marks on the gums during this phase that need treatment.

5. Teeth discoloration

On some occasions, the effect is also observed on the teeth color. Not suddenly, it is over a certain duration of weeks, the teeth start appearing yellowish in color due to the infections caused in the pulp of the tooth.

What happens in root canal treatment? How is a root canal done

Root canal treatment is indeed a better way to protect natural teeth. The molar root canal has also helped many people to save their molar tooth too. It will be interesting to look into things that happen during the root canal treatment.

Here are the things that happen during the root canal treatment:

  • A proper assessment of the tooth is done with the help of the X-rays
  • After knowing the condition, local anesthesia is given in the area where the root canal treatment is done. It will help to minimize the pain in the process and pain in the tooth after root canal treatment.
  • The dental expert will drill down the tooth to reach beneath and to clean the cavity and reach the pulp areas of the tooth.
  • A proper removal of the infected pulp is done and it is cleaned.
  • The empty space is then filled with the proper biocompatible material which holds the region properly.
  • Afterwards, a temporary filling is done with the suitable dental material.
  • After a few days, a crown is placed over the concerned tooth. The root canal and crown after treatment are essential to keep teeth protected.

This way, root canal treatment can help to treat and protect the natural tooth properly. Many people have achieved better oral health with root canal treatment even when their dental condition was bad. After all, root canal treatment is the choice given to the patient. Preserving the natural tooth through root canal treatment is always a better solution.

Expert Opinion

  • Dr. Manan Dhulia Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "When the natural tooth gets decayed due to the infection in its pulp, root canal treatment is a better solution. Many dental experts advise getting root canal treatment to protect the natural tooth. A proper crown put after the treatment can protect. This is a cost-effective way to preserve the natural tooth.”

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