Why must both milk teeth and permanent teeth be taken care of ?

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Nice oral health is mainly defined by the better condition of all the teeth in the mouth. Other factors matter later in the oral health care. So, it is important to take care of the teeth as a priority. It becomes very necessary to take care of the milk teeth of the child from the early days to ensure proper dental health in the long run.


Parents usually take lesser care of their child’s teeth as they think that they will be the temporary set of teeth. Although there is a difference between milk teeth and permanent teeth, it is essential to take care of both of them.


Before looking into the care to be taken in both teeth set, we will look at the difference between them. It will help you understand the necessary care to be taken of both teeth and the importance of it.

What is the basic difference between milk teeth and permanent teeth?

  • Milk teeth are not durable when they fall at a certain stage. Permanent teeth are there for a longer duration and these teeth set to remain for the lifelong duration.
  • In the case of milk teeth, the pulp chamber is larger in size. While for the permanent teeth the pulp size is the comparatively smaller size. This is mainly because the permanent teeth are larger in size which covers most of the pulp area.
  • Looking at the aspect of total teeth in humans, there are a total of 20 teeth set in the case of the milk teeth. While there are 32 teeth set in the permanent teeth set.
  • The size of milk teeth is smaller in comparison with the permanent teeth set.
  • Milk teeth are whiter in color when compared to permanent teeth.
  • Roots of the milk teeth are smaller in size, while the roots of the permanent teeth are larger in size.

As we understand the difference between both the teeth set, it will now be fine to know why taking care of both teeth set is important.

Why is taking care of the permanent teeth important? adult teeth

1. Lifelong existence

Permanent teeth are the last teeth set that erupt in the mouth. As no other teeth set erupts after that, it is necessary to keep these teeth in nice condition.

2. Capable of eating hard food

Compared to the milk teeth, permanent teeth are stronger which has the capability of eating the hard food items. If these teeth are in proper condition, eating hard food items will be simpler.

3. Treatment process is complex

When the permanent tooth gets affected due to some reasons, the treatment process is complex. Treatment like a root canal, dental implants, bridges, etc. is a complex process that needs visiting dental experts consistently.

4. Increase confidence

When permanent teeth are nice, you can smile freely without any hassles of decayed teeth. You can become more proactive when you have better permanent teeth.


Although permanent teeth are important, it is not good to neglect the milk teeth condition due to loss at some stage. Both the teeth set are equally important.

Why is taking care of milk teeth important? milk teeth

1. Getting permanent teeth healthy

The cavity developed on the milk teeth can spread to the roots of the teeth. It mainly happens due to thin enamel where the cavity can reach through it. If the cavity remains untreated then the new permanent tooth that erupts will be improper due to root infection.

2. Proper alignment of teeth

Milk teeth act as the guiding factor in the movement and growth of permanent teeth. The cavity or loose milk teeth can create inappropriate pressure on the eruption of the new permanent teeth. It can cause problems like overlapping, crowding, wrong direction movement of new permanent teeth.

3. Giving nutrition

Whether it is milk teeth or permanent teeth, they are indeed essential for the chewing purpose. If there is a problem in the teeth like losing teeth, decay, pain, or any other problem then it will discourage the child from eating important food. This may lead to limited nutrition of the child. Research has found that teeth problems have led to nutritional problems in many children.

4. Proper speech development

The missing teeth or decay in the teeth can make the speech of the child inappropriate. They will find it difficult to correct the pronunciation of the words. The proper structure of the teeth will help to develop proper facial muscles for the child. It will help the overall development of the child properly.


So, be it milk or permanent teeth, all need to be taken care of properly. It is easier to take care of the permanent teeth, as they erupt when a child comes at the age of understanding. So, special care must be taken by the parents to ensure that their child’s milk teeth are in proper condition. Good oral hygiene habits from an early age will help the child eventually to get better oral health.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Manan Dhulia Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "It is important to take care of both milk teeth and permanent teeth. Dental experts suggest for a regular checkups child oral health as their problems are not easily detectable. Parents need to check the dental health habits of the child. Proper care of both teeth sets can help to get better oral health.”

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