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Free Dental Check-up
& Xray
Consultation / Dental Check-up
At Sabka Dentist clinics, we provide FREE Dental Checkup to all our patients. We do not charge for checkup & consultation.
Free of cost
We do not charge is X-Rays are required for the diagnosis and treatment of the dental problem. X-Rays are FREE but are taken only if the doctor feels it is necessary.
Free of cost
Restorative Dentistry and Endodontics
Composite Filling-Posterior
Composite Fillings are required for cavities formed due to decay in teeth. Composite Fillings are tooth coloured fillings.
Composite Filling-Anterior
When teeth get cavities due to decay, the cavitiy is excavated and filled with a tooth coloured composite.
GIC filling
Sometimes, decay needs to be filled with a glass ionomer cement filling. This is a temporary GIC dental filling and needs to be replaced with a permanent composite filling.
Root Canal Treatment
Root Canal Treatment or RCT is required when decay in the teeth reaches the nerve. Root Canal Treatment or RCT is also called Endodontic Treatment.
Sometimes Root Canals or RCT fail and the infection relapses. In such cases the RCT has to be done again. Hence a Re-Root Canal Treatment is conducted.
Replacement of Missing Teeth using Crowns, Bridges or Implants
Crown - Economy
Sabka Dentist Economy Crown is a Porcelain fused to Metal Crowns (PFM Crown) with two layers. Inner Layer is Metal and outer layer is Ceramic or Zirconia. Used for Crowns & Bridges.
Crown – Value
Sabka Dentist Value Crown is a full ceramic crown or a metal free crown. It does not contain any metal and is completely made of ceramic, Zirconia or porcelain. Used for Crowns & Bridges.
Crown – Premium 15,000/-
Dental Implant
The most optimum way of replacing a missing teeth is with a titanium dental implant. A dental implant is placed in the jaw and is covered with a crown.
Complete Denture – Indian
A Complete Denture is the most economical way of being able to eat if all teeth are missing.
Complete Denture – Imported
This is a complete denture in which the teeth material is of premium quality.
Braces or Orthodontic Treatment
Metallic Braces (Consultant)
Metal Braces is done using bracket which are made of metal and hence are visible. This is basic orthodontic treatment.
Ceramic Braces (Consultant)
Ceramic Braces Treatment is done using orthodontic bracket made of ceramic. The braces are white or tooth coloured braces and not very visible.
SD-Self Ligating Braces-Ceramic (Consultant)
Ceramic SL Braces are self ligation brackets made of ceramic and hence are faster, cleaner, more comfortable than normal braces and are also aesthetic because they are not very visible.
SD-Self Ligating Braces-Metal (Consultant)
SL Braces or Self Ligation Braces provide faster treatment with no elastics. This is the latest technology in braces and is faster and more comfortable than traditional braces.
SDAlign (Invisible Braces or Clear Aligners)
Invisible Braces or Clear Aligners are transparent trays made using digital orthodontics or CAD/CAM technology. It is the latest advancement in orthodontics or dentistry.
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Tooth Extraction – Normal
Extraction of teeth is required when the dentist feels there is not way of saving the teeth which has got decayed.
Tooth Extraction – Root Piece
When teeth break and a piece of the tooth has stayed back in the socket. The root piece has to be extracted using this procedure
Tooth Extraction – Non-Surgical (Starting from)
These are difficult to extract teeth which need a special tooth extraction treatment.
Tooth Extraction – Surgical (Starting from)
Some teeth need to be surgically extracted or removed. To remove a tooth with a surgery needs this procedure. Wisdom teeth or incorrectly submerged teeth are usually extracted surgically.
Pediatric Dentistry or dental treatment for kids
Pit and fissure sealants
Pit & Fissures are small cracks on teeth which are common in kids or children’s teeth. The best way of protecting children’s teeth is by application of pit and fissure sealant.
Topical Fluoride Application
Fluoride application in kids helps to avoid decay and cavities. Fluoride application is a preventive dental procedure for children.
Pediatric Composite Fillings for Children
Children’s teeth need to be filled when they get decayed. These fillings are using tooth coloured composite.
Pediatric Root Canal Treatment for kids
Root Canal Treatment may be required in children’s teeth when they get decayed and cannot be treated with fillings.
Pediatric Tooth Extraction in kids
When a tooth cannot be saved with RCT, it has to be removed or extracted
Habit Breaking Appliance (Orthodontic / PlatesTreatment) 10,000/-
Cosmetic dentistry or
Aesthetic dentistry
SDsmile - Composite Laminates
This is a cosmetic or aesthetic procedure that is used to improve the shape and size of your teeth to provide you a perfect & confident smile.
Ceramic Veneers
This is of layering the front teeth to make them look perfectly shaped thereby giving a confident and pleasing smile.
Laser – Depigmentation
Depigmentation is used to change the colour of black coloured gums to pink or natural coloured.
Teeth Cleaning & Polishing
SD Clean
SD Clean is a process of cleaning teeth using an ultrasonic scaler to remove mild plaque.
SD Pro Clean
SD Pro Clean is a process of cleaning teeth using an ultrasonic scaler to remove tobacco stains & high tartar.
SD Deep Cleaning
SD Deep Cleaning is recommended for cleaning teeth with gum disease & severe tartar.

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