Ways to fix the Cross-bite

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What are the ways to fix the Crossbite?

Most people go through some or the other dental problems at some point. Crossbite is one such dental problem which some people suffer. This problem does not happen due to cavity or germs on the teeth. However, Crossbite occurs mainly due to improper alignment of the teeth or inappropriate jaw movement.


In a crossbite, the upper tooth grows inside or behind the lower teeth, which is called as underbite. However, if the teeth misalignment is larger then it can affect the smile of the person and cause a slow grinding of the child’s teeth. They can harm the growth of the jaw and problem in the gums. A right Orthodontic treatment can fix the crossbite properly.


In a crossbite, the upper teeth set goes behind the lower teeth set. Why does a crossbite need to be fixed? It is important to treat the crossbite, as it causes different problems. Some of the problems are tooth loosening, gum recession, inappropriate jaw growth, difficulty in food chewing, etc. Crossbite can be treated with Orthodontic treatment.

What is a crossbite? Anterior crossbite

Generally, the upper teeth must sit properly with the bottom teeth. When the top teeth grow behind the lower teeth then it is called as a crossbite. Depending on the misalignment of the upper teeth and lower teeth, the crossbite is categorized in several types.


Depending on different crossbite, they are divided into different types of crossbite. Here are some types of crossbites:


(i) Anterior crossbite In Anterior crossbite, the upper teeth sit behind the lower teeth.


(ii) Posterior crossbite In Posterior crossbite, the back upper tooth sits inside lower teeth. As the teeth are to the back of the mouth, they cannot be noticed easily.


(iii) Bilateral crossbite In a unilateral crossbite, the crossbite occurs only on one particular side. While in Bilateral crossbite, it can occur on both sides.

What are the causes of crossbite? crossbite causes

Generally, crossbite occurs due to misalignment of the teeth or inappropriate jaw movement which is genetic where the child gets it from birth. Apart from this, there some other reasons too which lead to the crossbite. Here are some of the other reasons for the crossbite:


– Baby teeth are loss at a later stage

– Bad habits through childhood like thumb sucking

– The eruption of the teeth is abnormal


The crossbite can be easily fixed if the child is bought to the Orthodontist at an early stage. A correct treatment can give a proper Orthodontic solution.

What Problem are caused due to crossbite?

If the crossbite are not treated at early stage then it can lead to various complications. Some of the important complications are listed below:

– It leads to the problems of the gum recession which affects the Oral health

– Crossbite leads to various problems like tooth loosening, tooth wear, etc.

– The growth of the jaw is also inappropriate in many of the cases

– It leads to an asymmetric facial growth

– Even a single crossbite can lead to many complications related to Oral health

Braces are used by the Orthodontists to fix crossbite problems. However, if you want to fix this problem without the braces then you have this option too.

How crossbite can be fixed without the braces? Crossbite fixing

Although braces are commonly used for the treatment of crossbites, you still have the option to treat it without the braces. Removable or fixed expander appliance can be used for fixing posterior crossbite, while for anterior crossbite the plate or limited braces can be used.


In some cases, Clear aligners are also used. So, mostly the choice of the treatment depends on the severity and the position. The Orthodontist will check the severity and diagnose the problem before going for either option in treatment.


After discussing the options for the treatment of crossbite, they will go ahead with the appropriate kind of treatment. So, visiting the proper Orthodontist is the first step to know the condition of the crossbite and then go for the treatment properly. After knowing the options, you can go ahead with the proper solution.

Before and after result of crossbite after treatment

Crossbite before and after treatment

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Jena Shah Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “When you have an Oral problem like Crossbite then it can lead to several complications. So, the treatment at the earliest is better for getting it proper. The crossbite can be treated with Braces or different other options too. Get proper information on fixing the Crossbite then go ahead with it.”


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