Do seasonal allergies and hayfever have an effect on dental wellness?

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Do hayfever and seasonal allergies affect oral health?

Some people occasionally get hayfever and have some seasonal allergies. They affect overall health like causing runny nose and eyes, mucus build-up on some body parts, pain in the muscles, joints, or both. Apart from that some people also have an effect on their oral health. We will be looking into more detail about the effects of hayfever and seasonal allergies on oral health here.

When allergies are acting, do the teeth get hurt?

allergies do the teeth get hurt

Toothache might be the possible side-effects which are caused due to allergies. During some seasons, the mucus gets build-up in the empty spaces that cause discomfort in the teeth. It is better that the allergies do not affect the tooth more, else visiting the dental expert is advisable.

Getting pain in the mouth:

Gums problems

As the allergy starts to act up, there are chances of pain in the mouth. It usually happens when the summer and spring season starts to peak up. Lack of saliva is another problem that might cause more problems, leading to the pain in the mouth. Saliva helps to prevent cavities and fight bacteria. The lack of saliva increases the production of the bacteria to a great level. The reduction of the saliva during the hayfever period is mainly due to an increase in mouth breathing due to nose block. Mouth breathing for a longer duration can lead to dry mouth which increases the saliva level in the body and other related problems. The increase in the bacteria and the lack of saliva is the main cause of the decay. It also leads to gum problems like Gingivitis and Periodontitis. Bad breathing is another problem which adds more oral health-related problems. So, take immediate treatment during the allergy days to avoid these unnecessary problems and improve oral health.

How to deal with Allergies which cause mouth pain?

Deal with Allergies which cause mouth pain

There are certain ways to deal with allergies which creates mouth pain. Taking antihistamines can help you tremendously in dealing with the symptoms of mucus build-up and hayfever. They might reduce saliva, still, it can deal with the dry mouth issues very easily. Drinking small sips of water throughout the day can be helpful to deal with the problem of dry mouth and increase the saliva level. Chewing sugar-free chewing gums can increase saliva production helping to prevent the dry mouth problem. You must also visit the doctor to ensure that hayfever and allergies do not affect you. They can provide you with the proper medication needed.

Hayfever and seasonal allergies may not affect the dental health to a great extent. However, it is always better to cure them to avoid any such problems and maintain good dental health. The one who suffers from the hay fever and allergies must immediately take the appropriate actions. Many of the patients who had the problems of allergies affecting dental health have now successfully dealt with this problem successfully. They can tackle dental health problems very easily. Take all necessary care to improve the dental and oral care with expert advice which can benefit.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Rupali Gujar Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "It has been found that problems like hayfever and allergies affect oral health adversely in some cases. Here, dealing with the allergies correctly can be beneficial for oral health too. Many of the dentists also ask for the allergies while suggesting general oral medicines. Improve oral health better by proper hygiene."

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