How to keep your teeth clean?

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Every person knows the importance of keeping the teeth clean. It helps in maintaining better oral health and also the overall general health of a person better. As kids are unaware of the importance of keeping the teeth clean, they need to be acquainted with it. 


Although teeth cleaning awareness is found among many individuals, these people have limited knowledge of teeth cleaning. Better guidance on teeth cleaning can help them and their children to keep the teeth clean that can help to improve dental health.

What is the importance of teeth cleaning?

1. Avoid plaque and tartar

If the teeth are not cleaned properly on a daily basis then the plaque layer starts developing on the teeth and gum surface. The plaque is a thin layer of bacteria that comes from the food we eat. A thin plaque layer is not problematic. However, if it is not cleaned early then it can form a dark sticky substance called tartar which is very difficult to remove through natural ways.

2. Gum disease Gum disease

An improper teeth cleaning can cause the problem of gum diseases like Gingivitis and Periodontitis. It can lead to problems like gum bleeding, reddish marks, and in an extreme case, it can even cause problems to tooth bone.

3. Costlier treatment

If teeth are not cleaned properly then it can cause several dental health-related issues. The treatment of these dental issues can be costly making it difficult for the individual to do the treatment decision soon.

4. Difficulty in eating

Different dental problems can cause pain in the teeth. It can further cause pain while eating different food items.

Apart from these, teeth cleaning can help to avoid many dental health issues. They can improve dental health that will be very beneficial for an individual.

Do you brush your teeth every day?

Brushing is not that simple as it seems for achieving clean teeth. A person needs to brush in a proper way to get clean teeth.

Here are some tips for teeth brushing that can help keep teeth clean:

1. Brushing twice a day Brushing twice a day

Brush the teeth at least twice a day. One is during the morning after getting up from the sleep and second at night before going to sleep. This will remove all the food particles and plaque layer from the teeth surface.

2. Manual or Electric brush

It does not matter much whether you use the manual brush or electric brush unless the brushing is done properly. In the manual, you need to brush from all corners by moving the hand properly. While electric, you do not have to take much effort while brushing. The bristles here can move much faster making cleaning easy.

3. Things to look at in toothbrush

The selection of the toothbrush is equally important to make the teeth cleaning effective. Hard bristles toothbrush can clean the plaque layer effectively, however, it can be harsh on the teeth and gums. Soft bristles toothbrush is always recommended by the dental experts as it is gentle on the teeth surface and gums too. Soft bristles toothbrushes can also clean the teeth more effectively.


Make sure that the head of the toothbrush is smaller and long so that it easily reaches the complex areas of the teeth. For children, get a smaller toothbrush that fits properly in their smaller mouth making the teeth cleaning process easy for them.

4. Using proper toothpaste

Today there are many types of toothpaste in the market that come with different attractive advertisements. Some offerings include mouth freshening, protecting gums, removing cavities, etc. Whichever toothpastes you select, make sure that it is good in fluoride. Fluoride helps to keep the bacteria away from the teeth surface for a prolonged duration.


These are some of the things to remember while brushing the teeth properly. The brushing must be done from all the corners of the teeth for a few minutes properly.

Other factors to keep teeth clean:

1. Flossing

It is difficult for the brush to remove the small food particles from the complex teeth areas that cause cavity and plaque development. Flossing is one of the important ways that help to remove the smaller food particles from the small corners of the teeth.

2. Oil pulling Oil pulling

Oil pulling must be done after every two weeks. It helps to dilute the hardened plaque and tartar to some extent which would be difficult to remove by brushing only.

3. Using natural plaque removal methods

You can use some of the natural methods for the removal of hardened plaque and tartar. Some of the methods include using baking soda, orange peel, etc. to apply and rub on teeth for a few minutes.

4. Visiting the dentist

If you realize that the plaque and tartar level is difficult to remove, then visiting the dentist is always better. The dentist will use the dental instruments to clean the teeth properly.


Expert's Opinions

  • Dr. Rupali Gujar Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Proper cleaning of the teeth is very essential to keep them healthy for a long duration. Dental experts suggest some of the basic oral hygiene habits are for keeping teeth healthy. Here, a person must guide their children too for proper teeth cleaning. Take care of teeth to eat food in a comfortable way."

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