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When you have some sort of teeth misalignment then getting the proper Orthodontic treatment can help you to achieve proper teeth alignment. Braces treatments are done more commonly by Orthodontists to deal with inappropriate teeth. If you have a problem while chewing the food due to improper teeth alignment?


If your inappropriate teeth are preventing you from smiling properly then you need to get the braces treatment to make proper teeth alignment. There are some specific issues in the overall teeth structure that troubles an individual.

What issues need Orthodontic treatment? Orthodontic treatment

Any inappropriateness in the oral structure of the individual may need an Orthodontic treatment.

Here are some common issues that need Orthodontic treatment:

  • Underbite problem causes difficulty while chewing where the lower teeth are forward than the upper teeth.
  • Overbite is one of the common issues experienced by any individual. Here, the upper teeth set is way ahead of the lower teeth set, causing problems while chewing food.
  • Open bite issue causes some space between the upper teeth and lower teeth set when the mouth is closed. It causes problems while chewing the food.
  • Space between the teeth is a common problem experienced by any individuals. Here, the gap between the teeth is observed.
  • Crowding of the teeth is observed in some cases that give an inappropriate look for the teeth.

These are some of the common things observed in some individuals. Here, they need to go through the Orthodontic treatment for the proper teeth alignment.

What are the treatment options available?

Orthodontic treatment through braces is the better way here. The braces treatment is a long process treatment that requires 12 months to 24 months period. The braces apply appropriate pressure on the teeth to move them in a specific direction to get proper teeth alignment.


There are different braces options available like Metal braces, Ceramic bracesLingual braces, and SD aligns braces. You can choose any of the braces options as per your budget and choice.


Here we will look more particularly at the braces treatments with the SD align. There has been an increase in the use of the SD align treatment by many people. We will look into reasons people are finding this option better.

Why SDalign treatment is opted for widely now?

There are other options too for the braces treatment for getting proper treatment. Still, many people prefer the SD align option. SD align are not easily visible and they can be removed when needed by the individual.

Here are some of the reasons for people selecting SDalign options for the treatment: Invisible-Braces

1. They are Invisible

SDalign braces have the same color as that of natural teeth. This makes it difficult for the third person to detect if the aligners are there. Other braces like traditional metals are visible with brackets and archwires on them.


It gives a little awkward look for the individual wearing it. So, SDalign is liked by many individuals, giving it an advantage while going to school, college, office, or any special event comfortably.

2. Can eat many foods

Other braces cause much   the food. With metal braces, ceramic braces, or lingual braces an individual has to avoid hard and sticky food that can get stuck in the braces or teeth that is not possible to remove easily.


In the case of the lingual braces, things get difficult due to their presence from the inside the teeth surface. Comparatively, SDalign can be removed when needed which makes it simpler to eat food.

3. Gives a better appearance

SDalign makes a person have a better look than the other braces options. You can easily attend special events and perform any task without any problem.

4. Brushing teeth properly

Other irremovable braces like metal braces, ceramic braces, and lingual braces give difficulty while brushing the teeth. A person has to take complicated efforts while brushing with these braces. Here, the aligners like SDalign can be removed and make it comfortable to brush the teeth properly.

5. Reduce the problem of gum disease

In some cases, the problem of gum disease is observed in the individuals during the braces treatment process. Also, it becomes difficult for dental experts to detect and treat such gum problems. However, SDalign has minimal chances of gum disease. Also, a dental expert can detect and treat gum disease by just removing the aligner for a while.


These are some of the reasons for SDalign being chosen by any individuals. These aligners can eliminate all the hassles that were earlier experienced by the individual during other braces treatment.


Compared to the other braces treatment, the SD aligns is a little costly. However, the cost of SDalign is worth the benefit it provides. Consider the Orthodontic treatment as an investment that may cost you now, it will give a better comfort later.

Expert Opinion

  • Dr. Manan Dhulia Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Orthodontic treatment is very important for the individual who has misalignment of teeth. The Orthodontist can provide a better solution for many such problems. SDalign cannot be easily viewed and they can be removed when needed. Many individuals find it comfortable to go with the SDalign treatment.”

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