How do you keep your gums safe by eating well?

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How to maintain healthy gums with nice food habits?

If you are searching for things to keep your gums healthy then it is a good sign that you are concerned about it. Gum diseases are one of the common oral health issues faced by many individuals. Gingivitis is one such gum disease that is observed when the plaque is developed. Periodontitis is the later stage when the Gingivitis is not treated at an early stage. However, Periodontitis is a more problematic case that causes more damage, and the treatment process is painful. Apart from that, there is some other gum disease too that leads to a lot of trouble.

gum problems

Some common symptoms of gum disease are:

  • Swelling in the gums
  • Bleeding gums while brushing
  • Reddish layer on the gums
  • Difficulty in eating hard food items
  • Painful while talking for a longer duration

However, it is better to take all the necessary precautions for maintaining gums healthy. It is not late if you have just started feeling concerned about the health of gums. Of course, dental check-ups after every six months can give you insights into the health of the gums. However, food habits also affect gum health. There are some foods which are not good for gums.

Foods to avoid for good gum health:

1. Sweets


Sweets are one of the common food items that affect gum health adversely. The high sugar quantity present in it is mainly responsible for affecting the gum health as sugar is responsible for increasing the bacteria. The sweets get stuck-up in the complex areas of the teeth where the brush does not reach. It leads to bacteria build-up and increasing the possibility of gum disease.

2. Cold drinks

Most of the cold drinks have sugar in them and intake of the cold drinks causes it to settle on teeth and gums. Washing the mouth thoroughly is necessary after the intake of cold drinks. In fact, it is always better to minimize the drinking of cold drinks.

3. Tea / Coffee

Many people have the habit of Tea or Coffee intake multiple times in a day. However, this habit is more problematic for gum health. Both tea and coffee have sugar which settles on the teeth and gums after drinking. Taking it once or twice a day is fine with proper mouth washing after taking it. However, taking it more multiple times will lead to bacteria development.

4. Chocolate


Chocolates are other things that are high in sugar. Eating chocolate leads to bacteria development on the teeth. So, minimizing the chocolate can be more beneficial for gum health.

5. Alcohol

Alcohol intake also leads to bacteria development on the teeth and gums. It also hampers the easy healing of gum disease that causes a lot of problems.

These are some of the foods to avoid for maintaining proper gum health. A proper follow-up of the good habits is essential for maintaining gum health. The dental expert check-up can let you know the gum problems and the possible solution. Until then keep following proper oral habits along with proper food habits.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Reena Waghela Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Proper maintenance of gum health is essential to keep up with oral health. Taking the dental expert help can be useful to treat the gum problem. However, avoiding certain food which is not good for gum health can help to make treatment faster. It will also help to keep away any issues of gums."

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