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Braces treatments are done by many people now for proper teeth alignment. Of course, this treatment is the one that gets your teeth alignment proper. It is natural that every person desires to get a beautiful smile and braces treatment is the ultimate solution for it.


Also, it is a little hard work during the braces time where you need to take all the necessary extra care. Also, it is important to note that the period after the braces treatment is also important. The teeth after braces are a little sensitive and it becomes difficult to deal with as one has the habit of wearing braces constantly.


There has been a drastic change in orthodontic treatment before and after. Earlier, the only option patients had was metal braces only, whereas, now there are many options like Ceramic braces, Aligners, Lingual braces. As teeth braces time period is between 12 months to 24 months, one needs to take extra care after braces removal.

Why do you need extra care after the braces removal?

Orthodontic treatment like braces involves a long duration, so it is hard to eat the food as you have the habit of eating with the braces. You feel some sort of sensitivity in the teeth after the removal of the braces. It is particularly experienced more when you have some hot or cold intake.


The long braces time period has already made you take extra care in every circumstance, so you will keep continuing with the same things. In some of the cases, the dental expert suggests you wear the retainers which must be done properly.


Also, some of the additional treatments might be suggested to you by the dental expert that must be followed accordingly. As there are many changes in the orthodontic treatment before and after, much of the care must be taken.

What care must be taken after braces removal?

1. Difficulty in Eating

As you had put up the braces for a long duration for around more than 1 year, you must have developed a specific habit of eating the food in a certain way. It is mainly through the braces in the mouth. After the removal of braces, you can feel a little difficult to eat the food normally.

2. Sensitivity in the teeth sensitive-teeth

Sensitivity is the common thing observed among most of the patients. Here, the patients have the feeling of tongue slippery to some extent. As they are not much exposed to the external environment, they become more sensitive after the braces removal. It will take some time for the teeth as well as gum to adjust itself after braces.

3. Avoid eating or drinking, very hot or cold

Too much hot or cold food or drinkable items makes the teeth more sensitive. So, it is always better to avoid eating more hot or cold objects. Also, too much sweet can make the teeth more sensitive.

4. Wearing the retainers retainer-for-teeth

Wearing the retainers is one of the important things needed for teeth after braces. Retainers are advised by the dental experts in some suitable cases only. It is a customized dental appliance for improving the smile of the patient. The retainers come in two types, removable or permanent.


It is possible to remove the removable retainer as needed. While the permanent retainers cannot be removed during the treatment process and they are fixed. During the initial days after the braces removal, the retainers must be worn for the whole day.

5. Carefully brushing and flossing dental-floss

Brushing and flossing are some of the important oral hygiene habits, in general, that is done by most individuals since childhood. You cannot directly go and do the brushing as usual.


You must do it in a gentle pattern ensuring that no extra force is given on the teeth. Also, make sure that every region of the teeth is cleaned properly. Here, brushing at night before going to sleep is important.

Other additional treatments

Despite you having the teeth braces time period properly, there might be chances of not getting the desired results. So, in such cases, the Orthodontist might suggest partial braces, spacers, or even retainers. These are some sort of additional treatment after braces removal.

Follow-up Appointments

Even after the removal of the braces, the treatment is completed totally. You need to do the follow-up appointments regularly. Here, the Orthodontist will check the status of the teeth properly. Here, the checking will be done about the effect of the braces removal from the teeth. These follow-up appointments are essential for getting better results.


So, these are some of the care that needs to be taken after the braces removal. Many of the dental experts have some important suggestions about this. Here, it might not be for a longer duration, you will need to take care only for a few months after the braces removal. Just following a few basic things after braces removal can give long-term better results.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Ankita Gada Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "After the removal of the braces, a person has to take some of the basic care afterward. Many dental experts suggest some basic common oral care after braces removal. Your teeth will show different behavior after the braces removal. Just following a few basic things can give better results to improve the smile.”

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