Why must the gap in front teeth be treated soon?

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Most people have come across some dental problems in life at one stage. The front teeth gap is one such problem experienced by some people. The gap in the front teeth is also called “Diastema”. There are some Orthodontic treatments to close gaps in teeth. A gap in front teeth is an easily noticeable thing by a third person and it does not make a smile pleasing for most people. Also, the smaller food particles get constantly accumulated here causing different dental issues. So, filling gaps between teeth becomes very important. It will help to improve the overall dental condition of the individual along with boosting their smile to a better level.

What causes the gap in front teeth? front teeth

There are some reasons responsible for the gap in front teeth. On some occasions the reason might not be known exactly, still, the treatment can be beneficial.

Here are some of the reasons for the gap in front teeth:

1. Large Jaw bone size

This is one of the common reasons for the gap in the front teeth. Here, the size of the jaw bone is larger in comparison with the size of the teeth. This leads to an increase in the space between the front teeth. If the size of the jaw bone is more than gaps between teeth getting bigger.

2. Genetic

This is another common reason responsible for the gap in the front teeth. Here, the child inherits the gap between the teeth from either or both of the parents.

3. Thumb sucking habit

thumb sucking

Some children develop the habit of thumb sucking from childhood for a prolonged period. It leads to the front teeth coming forward and also causes the gap between the teeth problem.

4. Gum disease

In some of the cases, gum disease also causes the problem of gap teeth. The growth of the bacteria on gums and adjacent teeth affects the teeth that lead to the gap between teeth.

These are some of the common reasons for the gap teeth problem. It becomes important to close the gap teeth problem soon.

Why is it essential to close the gap in teeth soon?

It is essential for filling gaps between teeth to improve the smile. There are some other reasons too for closing the gap between teeth soon.

Here are some of the reasons to closing gap in the front teeth soon:

1. It does not look good generally

Whenever a person has a gap between teeth, it does not look good generally. The smile of the person has been adversely affected due to the gap between the teeth. So, a person tries to hide their face while smiling or avoid smiling at all. Also, it is also easily observed when the person talks, which does not give a good impression. So, to get a better smile and look overall, closing the gap between the teeth is essential.

2. Accumulation of food particles

The gap between the teeth is a clear space for the smaller food particles to accumulate while eating. Prolonged exposure to such food particles can increase plaque development to much extent. It can cause further problems like cavity development and gum disease.

3. Hard to clean the teeth

When there is a gap between the teeth. It becomes a little hard to clean the teeth through normal brushing and flossing. The brush constantly gets disturbed due to the gap between the teeth. Also, some of the regions of a tooth between the gaps remains unclean. It increases the chances of cavity development on the tooth causing more decay in the tooth.

4. Chance of tooth loss

When there are gaps between teeth getting bigger, then the tooth becomes more vulnerable to lose. It normally occurs while eating any hard food items. Also, any hard push can lead to the tooth loss due to the gap between the teeth.

5. Increasing gap in other teeth

The gap between the front teeth might create the chances of more gaps between the other teeth. It occurs as the gap pushes the other teeth to move in that specific direction. If there are more gaps in the other teeth then it can make many of the teeth loose due to eating.

6. Difficulty in eating

The gap teeth problem causes difficulty in eating some of the food items. Usually while eating hard food items, it is not possible to put much pressure on the teeth where there is more gap.

7. Boost the confidence

Filling gaps between teeth will help to improve the smile of the person. It will make them feel more comfortable while talking to other people. It will help to bring in more positivity for them. It eventually builds more confidence.

These are some of the reasons for closing the gap between the teeth soon. It will bring in a new level of confidence in the individual.

Expert's Opinions

  • Dr. Jena Shah Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "The gap between the teeth causes many problems for an individual. Dental experts can solve the problem of gap teeth through Orthodontic treatment. Filling the gap will help to eat the food properly. It will improve the smile of the person to increase confidence easily."

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