What Kinds of Tooth Problems Will Your Child Have?

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When it comes to tooth-related problems, it is associated mostly with adults. However, there are many of the tooth related problems that arise in children too. Most of the children take oral hygiene habits lightly that gives the invitation to different tooth concern issues. Although the parent’s pressures make the child follow some of the oral hygiene habits properly, still, many children have some dental issues. The presence of milk teeth is mainly responsible for tooth decay in the child. These teeth are basically primary teeth that are not strong as compared to permanent teeth.

The enamel layer of the milk teeth is thin that easily gets wear away giving the problem of tooth decay. Many of the tooth concerns are not observed during the initial stage of the problem. However, after it starts troubling, it can cause trouble for the child. The teeth set of the child may contain either milk teeth or a combination of milk and permanent teeth. In either case, it is essential to do the proper treatment of any of the tooth concerns in the child. The types of teeth for kids need to be first detected before taking the concerned treatment.

Are there any signs for tooth concern in the child? tooth pain

It is difficult to know the tooth concern in a child at an early stage. However, there are some signs that can reflect the tooth concern observed in the child.

Here are some of the signs of tooth concern in the child:

  • Whenever there is some yellow layer or black stains on the teeth along the gum line, then it is a prelude to the teeth decay problem.
  • When there is a development of the light white band on the teeth surface near the gum line, it is an indication of the tooth problem. This band is not easily visible by the parents.
  • When a black or brownish layer develops on the teeth, it is an indication of tooth decay.

What are common tooth concerns observed in a child?

As the milk teeth are more vulnerable to the bacterial attack that leads to tooth decay, it is essential to know the tooth problems in the child.

Here are some of the common teeth concerns observed in the child:

1. Tooth sensitivity

Sensitive tooth causes sensation whenever a child eats or drinks any cold, hot, or sweet thing. The sensitive teeth are more distracting for the child that does take away their focus. Different treatment types reduce the discomfort and pain that occurs due to tooth sensitivity. Dental treatment cabs help to reduce the teeth sensitivity in the child. Also, using specialized sensitive toothpaste can help to minimize the teeth sensitivity problem to much extent.

2. Cavities in the teeth Tooth-Decay-in-Kids

Most of the children are not proper in doing oral hygiene habits like flossing and brushing. Here, the bacteria start operating on the teeth quickly leading to plaque development. It further wears away the enamel layer that weakens the enamel making the tooth decay faster. In such cases, where there is cavity development in the teeth, the tooth filling treatment is done. Here, the drilling of the decay is done and the composite material is filled in the area.

3. Emergency dental problem

Some dental problems can happen on an emergency basis. It may occur while roughhousing with siblings, playing sports, falling while running, etc. It can lead to problems like cracking or breaking of the teeth. In case, there is a permanent loss of the primary teeth then the dentist can help to retrieve the tooth easily. The dentist can even place the fallen tooth in the socket and reattach it if the situation is suitable.

4. Orthodontic Problem Orthodontic Problem in child

Some of the children have Orthodontic problems like misalignment of teeth, crooked teeth, overbite, underbite, and any such other problem. Here, the teeth are basically not properly aligned. It leads to problems like eating problems, distortion while talking, feeling uncomfortable while smiling, and many such other problems. Here, an Orthodontic treatment from the proper Orthodontist can help to make proper treatment.

5. Gum disease

Most gum diseases are observed in adults, nowadays, gum diseases are also observed in the child. Here, the Gingivitis is most commonly found in gum disease in children. It leads to swollen gums, red marks, bleeding while brushing. Sometimes other problems are also observed like gum recession, mouth pain, swelling in the mouth, etc. Proper dental treatment can help to treat gum disease-related problems.

These are some of the tooth concerns that can arise in your child. Parents must always keep checking the dental health of the children to know the problem. Regular dental checkups for the child after every 6 months can help to know dental health. Keeping sugar foods in control along with following proper oral hygiene is important for better dental health.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Ankita Gada Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "In the children the milk teeth are more prone to dental problems. Dental experts suggest having regular check-ups after a few months to know the dental condition. It will help to know the dental problem in a child and treat accordingly. Knowing different tooth concerns in a child, it is important to follow oral hygiene properly.”

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