How to tell if you have a bad bite?

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We realize your first idea must be “How to tell if you have a bad bite?”, and we get it sounds a little abnormal however it’s really workable for your bite to be misaligned. There’s a high possibility you’ve known about overbites and underbites yet did you know there’s 4 kinds of misaligned bites? And how to tell if you have a bad bite?


Since you’re as of now here (and generally likely not leaving) how about we start toward the start: Why is an ordinary nibble even significant?

The manner in which the chompers fit together

At the point when we state bite, what we’re discussing is the manner in which your upper and lower jaw meet up. Your upper teeth should fit somewhat over your lower teeth and the purposes of your molars should fit the furrows of the contrary molar. In the event that you’re stunning up this way, you in all likelihood have a solid bite.


At the point when you have a solid chomp it improves the capacity of your teeth, it additionally balances your teeth. In the event that you chomp is misaligned it can include even weight certain teeth which can wear them out unevenly.


Chomp work is additionally significant for various things, for example, biting, gulping, breathing, facial evenness, assimilation and the sky’s the limit from there.

3 indications of a decent chomp

1. Pain free

You shouldn’t encounter any torment in your bite, on the off chance that you do have some pain in your jawbone or in the muscles around your jaw, this can be a pointer of a misaligned chomp.

2. Teeth

In the event that your teeth are lined up with one another and balanced on the upper and lower stunning, this is a decent sign that your chomp is solid. Your teeth were intended to counterbalance the power of one another, consider them gears in a machine. In the event that one apparatus is off, it can mess up the entire machine.


Gnawing and biting is a harm causing action, and if the teeth in your mouth aren’t adjusted either, the power will be applied to your jaw and teeth rather than the food you’re biting.

3. Tongue

Your tongue can be an extraordinary marker of a terrible nibble. On the off chance that your nibble isn’t adjusted, there is a high possibility your tongue might be getting cut or scratched on the sides, which can prompt open injuries that are bound to get contaminated.

Presently, onto what comprises an awful bite

So on the off chance that you at any point heard the term malocclusion, it actually implies terrible chomp in Latin. There are a lot of signs that will help show you may have a terrible bite and we’ll experience them in only a second however first we’re going to address what may cause an awful chomp.


Malocclusions can be brought about by:

  • Heredity
  • Distinction in the size of your upper and lower jaw
  • Distinction in the size of your teeth
  • Lost teeth, additional teeth or affected teeth
  • Birth surrenders, similar to congenital fissures
  • Misalignment of jaw fix after a physical issue

Youth propensities like thumb sucking, expanded pacifier use or tongue pushing

Presently we comprehend what can cause a terrible bite, How to tell if you have a bad bite?

With regards to the sorts of terrible chomps, by and large there are four sorts: overbite, underbite, crossbite and open nibble.


Overbite – While there ought to be some cover of your lower front teeth, sometimes an expanded overbite can make your front teeth chomp down onto your gums.


Crossbite – This is the place your upper teeth kinda sit within your lower teeth, it can occur on one side or the two sides of the jaw.

Crossbite teeth

Underbite – This is the place your lower jaw comes over your top teeth


Open chomp – An open nibble is the point at which the front teeth don’t cover the base teeth by any means, the back molar don’t contact so the mouth is never in a resting position.

How do I fix an awful bite?

So adjusting your jaw must be finished with orthodontic intercession, as a rule fixing a misaligned bite is a perplexing position so clear aligners aren’t generally ideal. Braces are the smartest option with regards to having enough weight on the teeth to realign the jaw, this is normally executed by the elastics.

orthodontic treatment to correct bad bite

In any case, the most ideal approach to know uncertainty on the off chance that you have a terrible chomp is to counsel an orthodontist. Orthodontists are the main pros that can adjust your teeth, jaw, mouth and face.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Ankita Gada Dental Director of Sabka dentist says ” Misaligned teeth can increase risk of gum disease, tooth decay. Orthodontic treatment is the best option to align teeth.”

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