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Every person desires to have a proper teeth alignment that can give them a better smile. However, many people cannot achieve this due to improper teeth alignment. Several teeth-related problems like crooked teeth, crowded teeth, overbite, underbite, etc. makes it difficult for achieving proper teeth alignment.


Here, we will look particularly at the gap between teeth problems that takes away the charm of a person’s smile. The advancement in dental technology has made it possible to fix gaps in teeth completely. 


Braces treatment from an Orthodontist is one such way to treat the gap teeth problem of an individual. This treatment usually takes a time period of around 12 months to 24 months period. The space between teeth is eliminated during this treatment period.

What are the reasons for the gap between teeth? teeth gap

1. Missing teeth

Missing teeth can sometimes lead to a gap between the teeth. Whenever a tooth is missing, it gives room for other teeth to spread across for taking the place.

2. Larger jawbone size than teeth

Here, the jawbone size is larger than the size of the teeth. It creates a gap between teeth.

3. Hereditary

In many cases, the gap teeth problem is found to be hereditary. The child resembles the teeth gap from either of their parents.

4. Improper childhood habits

Some of the childhood habits in an individual cause space between teeth problems among the child. Thumb sucking, bottle feeding beyond a certain age, and several other habits can cause the gap teeth problem among the child.


These are some of the commonly observed problems that cause teeth gaps. It can be possible to fix gaps in teeth through braces treatment.

How do braces help to fix gaps in teeth? braces

Braces treatment is one of the effective ways to fix the space between the teeth. It works on the teeth slowly to move them in the desired direction. After assessing the teeth position, the Orthodontist will put the appropriate braces on the teeth.


Different braces components work together to exert proper pressure on the required teeth to move them in the proper position as desired. Proper care is taken so that the braces do not affect the gumline of the teeth. As the teeth keep moving in the desired position when braces are put, the bone grows accordingly to support the teeth accordingly.


All these processes occur very slowly for a long period and the gap between teeth is filled by making two teeth to move closer. While going through the treatment, you need to meet the visit to the Orthodontist during the appointment.


Here, the Orthodontist will put the braces in a new position for proper pressure on teeth to ensure filling of the teeth gap. So, fixing the gap teeth is a very long journey process that needs to be done with proper care.

What types of braces to use during treatment?

There are four types of braces options available. Metal braces, Ceramic braces, Lingual braces, and SDalign [aligners] are four major types of braces used for the treatment. Metal braces are one of the traditional types of braces that are used for long years. They have brackets fixed on every tooth that is connected with the archwires.


These braces are particularly made of metal material and other types of material. Ceramic braces are made similar to metal braces, only thing is that they are made of Ceramic material. However, Ceramic braces are not visible to other people as it has the same color as that of the teeth.


Lingual braces are like metal braces, the only difference is that they are not put on outer teeth surfaces like metal and ceramic braces. They are put on the inner surface of the teeth which makes it difficult to view them. STDalign are aligners that are made of more advanced dental technology that have the same color as teeth and they are also removable.


Their removable property makes them unique among other types of braces that add more comfort for a person. All these types of braces can close the gap between teeth with proper treatment. Depending on the suitability of use and your budget, you can go for any of the options for the braces treatment.


It is essential to fix the gap in teeth at the earliest, as the person has to go through several difficulties. The gap among the teeth leads to several oral issues that become very problematic. Also, when you go for the braces treatment, it is not possible to remove the braces before the given duration.


Removal of the braces before the duration leads to loss of all the treatment efforts and cost, where the person may have to start the whole treatment process again.


During the braces treatment, pressure is applied on both teeth towards each other to make them move closer to another to close the gap between teeth completely. A proper following of the treatment process can help to get you better teeth alignment.

Expert's Opinions

  • Dr. Jena Shah Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "A gap between teeth distorts the smile of the person and also causes food to stock easily. Orthodontists suggest braces treatment to fix the gap between teeth. The braces apply pressure on the teeth to come close to each other and close the gap. A proper braces treatment can close the gap between teeth completely.."

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