The Risks of At-Home Aligners

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Dangers of at home aligners

Clear aligners are becoming one of the most popular options for patients who require alignment of their teeth. like alignment with traditional braces, which require timely monitoring by an orthodontist, aligners too require the same. Lately, you must have seen a lot of ads flashing on social media about at home aligners which are convenient as you do not have to visit a dental office ever. But do you know that at home treatments come with its own risks? That is a major concern.

Home aligners- What they are? clear aligners

Some at home aligner companies act like dentists. They deliver materials required to take an impression at home. Some send dentists at convenience at your place who meet you only during the first stage of treatment, that is the impression stage. They design a treatment plan and prepare the aligners at a remote place on the basis of the impression you make. It is like a do it yourself kind of braces treatment.

Such aligner companies lure patients offering the aligners at cheap cost without any professional supervision.

Risks of home aligners

Ever imagined doing a root canal treatment or removal of a tooth yourself without a dentist?? Then why fall for orthodontic clear aligners at home?

at home aligners

NO CONSULTATION – When you visit a dental office, the first thing you look forward to is a detailed consultation. Home aligners lack that personal touch. Such companies providing home aligners are only limited to providing aligners and making an impression. There is no follow-up or mid- treatment support required during the process.

At Sabka Dental Clinic and Dealing Provider Clinics, the dentist will do a thorough checkup of your teeth . Solve all your dental problems before they start with aligners. For example if you have cavities, and you start wearing aligners, you will suffer from extreme decay and the damage will get accelerated. It is important to solve all other dental problems before starting orthodontic treatments

INACCURATE FIT – The key to effective aligner treatment depends on the fit of the aligner. You don’t get to try the fit of the aligners before the actual treatment for home aligners. With inaccurate fit, you are unaware of what might lead to discomfort, pain and other complications. And to top it up, the orthodontic treatment is not predictable.

IS IT COST EFFECTIVE? Since home aligners don’t involve mid-treatment follow up or support, if the treatment doesn’t work as planned, you may have to visit a dentist or an orthodontist which eventually will incur more expenses in the treatment. Patients complain about cuts in their gums, inability to chew food and improper fit post and during the treatment course. Treatment for home- aligners is your responsibility and not theirs.

IGNORANCE ON ESSENTIAL DENTAL TREATMENTS- Pre-treatment with any gum disease or cavities is necessary before initiating an orthodontic procedure. Since the focus of at home aligners is only on aligner treatment they overlook the decay and gum issues in the oral cavity which during the course of treatment might get worse. It might even sometimes be required to halt the aligner treatment mid-way to attend these procedures.

NOT ALL CAN BE TREATED WITH ALIGNERS – Aligners is not the choice of treatment for every case. There are many kinds of braces treatment available and an orthodontist is best to guide which treatment to prefer as everyone has their unique needs. Many orthodontists prefer not to suggest aligners for young cases because of incomplete root formation and various other reasons. Many complicated cases are not even possible with aligners. Home aligners do not serve all type of malalignments.

FUNCTION – Home aligners focus only on aesthetics while not taking care of the functioning of the teeth, the occlusion required for a proper bite.

When you get orthodontic or braces treatment at a clinic like Sabka Dentist or any other SDalign Partner Clinic, your dentist will keep checking and adjusting your braces and aligners as and when needed throughout the treatment period to ensure a predictive and positive outcome.

A licensed orthodontist has studied for 8 years to specialise to make impressions, study the movement of teeth and treatment options possible. Orthodontic treatment is a medical service provided and not just a product which anyone can wear.

Aligner is a good treatment option under supervision from an orthodontist. No treatment is as dangerous as an unsupervised treatment. risk of at home aligners

Sabka Dentist dental clinic provides braces treatment only through Orthodontists who are qualified MDS doctors in the domain of orthodontics. They are experts in Braces and have spent a lot of time and energy becoming experts in the technology and science of braces and orthodontics. Hence, trust your dentist and get treatment only in a dental clinic and from a qualified dentist. At-home dentistry is dangerous and not the most intelligent thing to do.

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Expert opinion

  • Dr. Ankita Gada Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Danger of at home aligner is the lack of supervision during the process.
    Without direct professional supervision can cause serious damage to your teeth, gums, and jaw.


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