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Braces Treatment need regular checkup


When it comes to medical expenses, especially dental treatment, everybody hates spending money. This is more relevant in case of orthodontic or braces treatment. It has been observed that people get lured towards products and services that promise extremely cheap prices impractically fast treatment.


Hence, this post to increase awareness about the perils and dangers of at home and self guided treatments like fast braces and aligners at home. Orthodontic treatment requires at least a 3 month followup and a visit to an orthodontist to ensure that the treatment is progressing in the right direction and there is no untoward developments as a result of teeth movement.


In particular, home-shipped clear aligners or invisible braces are very very dangerous. Especially the age where social media influences the decisions you make. Home-shipped aligner companies are widely known to buy-out posts from social media influencers.


This explains that people who have a lot of followers on Instagram are paid huge money to post false stories about the out turn of at-home or home shipped aligners.


This prompts many naïve patients to opt for home-shipped or at-home aligner treatment without regular dental visits and without the direct supervisor and control of a qualified dentist. A lot these patients suffer from dire and painful consequences.

Below are some of the risks of home-shipped invisible braces and why you should stick with an orthodontist rather.
The following are some of the perils and dangers of home-shipped clear aligner treatment which is conducted at home without regular visits to a dental clinic:


The process of home-aligners or braces at home is that the patient sends an impression or mould by following instructions of the aligner company or a dentist/technician visits you home for a scan of your teeth and the company delivers you aligners on the basis of the impression or the scan.

While most of these companies may have a dentist or a few dentists on their staff, it’s almost impossible to deduce and develop a reliable and effective treatment plan on the basis of the impression or the scan that you have provided. Even worse is the fact that once the at-home aligner company sends you the clear braces, the company is done with you.


There is not follow-up, no tracking of the treatment and no intervention or mid-treatment consultation. There is a 90% chance that the treatment may not track as per the plan and may need tweaks mid-treatment. This is the time, when the poor patient is left in a helpless and pitiful situation.

Braces and orthodontic procedures regularly need course rectification throughout treatment. This is the cause why you should have regular, scheduled visits with your dentist or orthodontist.


Without regular consultation, you will face unresolved and complex difficulty along the way, which could lead to pain, misaligned teeth (more crooked than before), and fresh dental problems.


At Sabka Dentist Clinic and SDalign Provider Clinics, the dentist will do a thorough checkup of your teeth. Solve all your dental problems before they start with aligners.


For example if you have cavities, and you start wearing aligners, you will suffer from extreme decay and the damage will get accelerated. It is important to solve all other dental problems before starting orthodontic treatments.
Hence, its extremely important that you choose to get of braces or clear aligners only in the secure environment of a dental clinic with regular checkup visits in the duration of the treatment.


At-home Aligner firms have to work with a compromised single imitation of the teeth that you took by yourself at home or the dentist/technician visiting you took at your home outside a clinical environment. The odds of being capable to design and develop a reliable and effective sequence of invisible braces from this mould are low.


Which explains that, when you get your invisible braces by the courier/logistics company, they may be an imperfect fit for your mouth and you would not even realise it because the dentist has not seen the fit in the mouth. This effectively leads to discomfort and pain. The final result is teeth that are not aptly aligned at the end of treatment.

When you get orthodontic or braces treatment at a clinic like Sabka Dentist or any other SDalign Partner Clinic, your dentist will keep checking and adjusting your braces and aligners as and when needed throughout the treatment period to ensure a predictive and positive outcome.


Braces Treatment is Difficult Method at home

Braces or Orthodontic treatment is a difficult method that needs qualifications and experience to manage the treatment effectively. By using home-shipped invisible braces which are unsupervised and unregulated, you take a chance of introducing new injury to your mouth.


You could harm the roots of your teeth, suffer fromgum recession, and even cause your teeth to loosen, finally causing tooth loss. The goal of braces or orthodontics is that a good oral health is part of your overall health. Home-shipped aligners are most probably going to give rise to the opposite.


We strongly recommend that you visit and get treatment by a dentist who will conduct a check-up at least every 3 months in case of clear aligners and every month in case of traditional metal or ceramic braces.

Sabka Dentist Clinics ensure that you are provided a regular follow periodically to check the progress of the treatment and also ensure that the plan is tweaked in case there is a change required.


Your saving will causes expenses

Most patients pick delivered invisible braces because they cost less; they think it’s inexpensive. But the truth is, it’s the best example for the proverb “Penny wise but Pound Foolish”.


With all the risks mentioned above, it is a naïve decision to opt for at-home aligners as compared to aligners or braces treatment offered in the secure and clinical environment of a dental clinic and under a consistent and direct supervision of a qualified dentist.

Sabka Dentist dental clinic provides braces treatment only through Orthodontists who are qualified MDS doctors in the domain of orthodontics. They are experts in Braces and have spent a lot of time and energy becoming experts in the technology and science of braces and orthodontics.


Hence, trust your dentist and get treatment only in a dental clinic and from a qualified dentist. At-home dentistry is dangerous and not the most intelligent thing to do.


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Expert opinion

  • Dr. Ankita Gada Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Sometimes the “irreparable damage” of unsupervised care included the need for tooth extractions, bite problems and temporary but dangerous infections.
    Without direct professional supervision, patients may also have no idea that they could have underlying problems, such as tooth decay, abscessed teeth or gum infections that could be made much worse by imposing orthodontic treatment on top of them.


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