Is it true that oil pulling cleans the mouth?

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When it comes to oral health, a person must do all the necessary things that are needed. Although you must be doing regular brushing and flossing, you still lag behind in maintaining good dental health. There are some other things too necessary to keep up with oral health. Amidst several other oral hygiene habits, we will look more particularly here about the oil pulling activity. In oil pulling, a person needs to take specific oil in the mouth, swish it thoroughly and spit it out. It helps in removing bacteria and other toxic organisms from the mouth. Now, you must be thinking about what type of oil for oil pulling can be used? Well, not all oils are used for this activity.

There are some specific oils for doing the oil pulling activity. Coconut oil, sunflower oil, and sesame oil are some of the commonly used oil for the oil pulling activity. Before finding the best type of oil for oil pulling, you must know the ways of doing it and the benefits of oil pulling. In India and some other parts of the world, oil pulling was done for detoxing the mouth and cleaning. It was considered as one of the effective ways to improve oral health with oil pulling. Those were the days where there was hardly any dental treatment available and people use such ways only to improve oral health. People simply used to do oil pulling with different oil and keep up with their oral health.

What are simple tips for Oil Pulling? oil pulling

Oil pulling is one of the simple activities done for improving oral health. Firstly, your stomach must be empty for at least two hours before doing it, so morning is better before brushing for this activity.

Here are simple tips for doing oil pulling:

  • Put a small quantity of oil in the mouth
  • Swish the oil for around 10 to 15 minutes in the mouth
  • Make sure that the oil is swirled through every corner of the mouth
  • After proper swirling spit out the oil
  • Do this activity twice for better results

Ensure that while doing the oil pulling activity, the oil does not enter the stomach as it contains bacteria and other toxic organisms. After completing this activity, you can do the brushing. Generally, coconut oil is considered the best type of oil for oil pulling. Oil pulling has got a lot of benefits for improving the oral health of the individual.

Benefits of Oil Pulling:

1. Eliminates bad breath causes-of-bad-breath

Bad breath is one of the oral health issues observed in some individuals. Generally, it occurs due to reasons like gum disease, tongue coating, improper eating habits, etc. It is observed that oil pulling helps to reduce the bad breath problem to a lot of extents.

2. Eliminating bacteria from the mouth

A mouth has different kinds of bacteria that is the important cause for the different oral health issues. Oil pulling is found effective in minimizing the bacteria buildup in the mouth. Apart from that, this activity also reduces other organisms from the mouth that are not good for oral health.

3. Controlling tooth decay tooth decay

The sugar in the food accelerates the bacteria buildup on the teeth. It further causes tooth decay leading to several dental issues. Oil pulling can minimize the tooth decay process and help to keep the teeth healthy.

4. Reduction in the plaque

This is one of the important advantages of the oil pulling activity. The plaque gets dilute in the oil during the oil pulling activity and they get removed after spitting them out. Controlling plaque at the initial stage ensures that there is control on the tartar development.

5. Improving gum health

Gums are also vulnerable to some problems like swelling, reddish marks, inflammation, etc. It is mainly due to bacteria and other problems with the gums. Oil pulling can help to control all the problems related to gum disease along with keeping it in good condition.

These are some of the benefits of oil pulling for oral health. It has been found much effective to improve oral health with oil pulling activity. Several studies have also admitted the effectiveness of this activity. Here, the small children need to do these activities from the early stage to avoid further complications. As children might be less aware and serious about this activity, their parents must inculcate this oral hygiene habit in them. The parents must tell their child a proper way to do the oil pulling activity.

Although oil pulling takes more duration when compared to the brushing activity, it can help to avoid the troublesome dental treatment later. As most dental treatments are painful and costly, you need to keep up with oral health. Oil pulling here is far better to maintain oral health properly.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Ankita Gada Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Maintaining good oral hygiene habits is very essential to keep proper oral health. Dental experts agree for the oil pulling being one of the important activities to improve oral health. A person can improve oral health with oil pulling activity. A proper follow of oil pulling activity improves oral health.”

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