What Are The Benefits Of Root Canal For Oral Health?

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A visit to the dentist clinic is not always any of the people look forward to. However, unwanted dental problems propel people to go to dental cleaning for getting proper treatment. Anxiety about the dental treatment increases worries for many people.


The root canal is one such treatment that makes people more anxious and thinks about the necessity of this treatment. Treatment like a molar root canal is common and most people have to go through this kind of treatment at least once. So, we will be looking more into root canal treatment that can simply reduce your anxiousness about it.

What is root canal treatment?


When tooth decay is severe, there is more infection in the pulp region of the tooth. The pulp is one of the main regions of a tooth that has blood vessels and nerves. In root canal treatment, the infected pulp is removed and space is cleaned properly. The region is then replaced with a specific dental substance that prevents the reinfection.


There is some pain in the tooth after root canal treatment for a few days. Things become fine after a few days of the treatment after taking necessary care. The molar root canal has to be done as soon as the problem is detected.

Root canal and crown:

After the completion of the root canal treatment, the crown is placed at the surface of the tooth. It protects the tooth from getting damaged while eating hard food items. The crown comes in different varieties with the composition of different materials and different costs.


Depending on the budget of the patient, the appropriate crown is then used after root canal treatment.

Why is root canal treatment better?

People, who have the least knowledge of root canals, keep worrying unnecessarily. Although there is a pain in the tooth after root canal treatment, it is of great advantage for the overall oral health.

Here are some of the benefits of root canal treatment for oral health:

1. Controls the infection

During tooth decay, the pulp region gets infected and starts infecting the nearby region. An infection in the mouth may cause several health issues that can be troubling. Root canal treatment removes the infected pulp region and prevents the further decay of the tooth. Controlling the infection is the main benefit of root canal treatment.

2. Reduces the pain

Toothache due to tooth decay and infected pulp can be more painful. A person will find it difficult to do basic daily activities like eating, talking, and sleeping. A root canal treatment cleans the infected portion of teeth which reduces or stops the pain. It removes all the discomfort caused due to the tooth infection problem.

3. It saves the teeth

The pain in the tooth usually has two solutions: tooth extraction or root canal. In the case of tooth extraction, you will permanently lose the tooth and there will be an empty space. This space will cause the neighboring tooth to move which can create a problem like gap teeth.


Also, the empty space then needs to be replaced with a more complex process like a dental implant or other treatment. So, saving teeth through root canal treatment can be more beneficial.

4. Durable

Generally, root canal treatments are durable. Once done properly, they can last for a longer duration. No major problem will be experienced along the course. A person can also eat most of the food comfortably after the root canal treatment.

5. Improves overall oral health

Apart from the different benefits, a root canal treatment helps to improve overall oral health. A good condition of the tooth keeps all other tooth-related problems away. There is no pain or discomfort in the tooth that helps to keep the overall oral health better. So, it becomes extremely beneficial for proper oral health improvement.


These are some of the major benefits of root canal treatment. You do not have to look for any other treatment for a longer duration after getting this treatment. When you get a root canal and crown for the tooth, it will ensure the safety of the tooth for a longer period.

Is crown necessary after root canal treatment?

root canal and crown

Root canal treatment is a complex process where after cleaning the pulp, the area is filled with the dental material. It might be possible that the material filled after pulp cleaning may wear out while chewing hard food items or due to any other reasons.


The crowns help to cover the tooth where the root canal is done. It can protect it from getting damaged. It is also held in the firm position ensuring its proper working.


A person needs to take special care after the root canal treatment for a few days to ensure that there is no pain. Now, hopefully, there must be less anxiousness in the patient about the root canal treatment. They can now go for it more confidently.

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  • Dr. Manan Dhulia Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "When doing the root canal treatment, many people feel anxious about its benefit. Many dental experts suggest root canal treatment as the first option. This treatment can protect the tooth and ensure its longevity. Root canal treatment has been found to be very important.”

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