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Among all the methods available for changing and improving the look of your simile, Porcelain (Ceramic) Laminate Veneers and Crowns are the most popular choices. They are a successful and quic way to enhance the smile. With the help of these, a damaged tooth can be restored and appear as the original.

What is Porcelain Laminate Veneer?

Porcelain Laminate Veneers are thin coatings designed to place over the surface of a front tooth. These veneers greatly improve the look of your smile with no discomfort. These veneers are made to match the patient’s individual needs and are appear as natural as natural teeth.


Indications For Veneers

Veneers are to be used as an aesthetic solution in many situations:

  • Large Spaces between teeth.
  • Discolored or heavily stained teeth.
  • crooked teeth or slightly mispositioned tooth.
  • Odd shaped, cracked or chipped teeth.
  • Teeth which has multiple fillings which have compromised the aesthetics of the smile.
  • To provide a whiter smile in persons with naturally yellowish teeth.

Advantages of Veneer

Veneers can be fixed on teeth with minimal tooth preparation. They look and feel completely natural. You can achieve a beautiful result within a few days, that can last for many years. The shade and texture of the porcelain veneers make them highly resistant to any kind of staining.


Due to their durability, appearance, and comfort, veneers have become the most popular cosmetic dental treatment available today. Veneers today are widely accepted by people in the entertainment field to get an attractive smile.

What is involved in getting a Veneer?

The process of having a veneer for your tooth involves a few short visits to your Dentist. The procedure is simple and almost painless.
Your dentist will first examine your smile structure to decide which teeth require veneers. Depending on the condition of the teeth, you may or may not require anesthesia.

To place veneers your tooth needs to be prepared and the impression will be taken.

Ceramic veneers may take between 1-2 weeks of time duration to be made. During that period, your teeth may be made. In this duration, your dentist may fit the temporary veneers to prevent sensitivity.


Ceramic veneers are cemented to the teeth using some special adhesives. Once fixed, these veneers are exceptionally strong. Initial few days you find a bit uncomfortable but after a few days, it will be as easy as the natural teeth.

Post Treatment Care

It is important to step into your routine to look after your veneers well. Brush and floss regularly as you do daily. It is suggestible to use non-abrasive toothpaste to help maintain the shine and gloss of your veneers. A normal diet will not affect your veneers. Avoid too much pressure on these teeth ( like biting sugarcane).

Regular check-ups and consultations will help ensure your veneers are in excellent shape. Well-maintained veneers should last you for many years and give you a long-lasting and attractive smile.

How is a crown different from a Veneer?

A Crowns also called “ tooth cap” covers the entire structure of a tooth. A veneer only able to cover the front surface of a tooth intended only to improve the appearance. A crown is used to strengthen a weak or broken tooth that requires more shaping of the tooth structure. Crowns are good for durability, aesthetic and are commonly used in the front and the back of the mouth.

Indications for a Crown

Typically a crown is used for its functional features, some cases these too can be used to bring excellent aesthetic modifications in a smile. The most common indications for a crown are:

  • To restore severely decayed teeth, with large fillings or teeth which are not canal treated.
  • To protect highly fractured teeth where only little tooth structure is left.
  • When the position, shape, and size of the teeth became dramatically changed.
  • Develop the bite.
  • To be placed over an implant.

What are crowns made of?

Crowns can be made of acrylic, metal, ceramic properties, or a combination of any of these. The ceramic crowns are greatly known for its nature of aesthetics and durability.


How do I get a Crown?

    • Tooth Shaping: Your Dentist will reshape the tooth, to create proper space all around for the crown.
    • Impression: The crown has to be exactly fit on the tooth hence your dentist will take the measurement of the tooth, also surrounding and opposing teeth measures also accessed. Then these measurements will be sent to a dental laboratory for processing of the crown.
    • Temporary Crown: Permanent crown takes a few days to prepare. In this duration, a temporary crown will be placed. Avoid sticky and hard foods and be sure to clean around it.
    • Cementation: Soon, your Dentist alters your temporary crown with a permanent one. The crown will be fitted and adjusted correctly. Ensure you are comfortable with it. It is then cemented or bonded to the prepared tooth permanently.

How do I look after my Crowns?

    • Treat your crowned tooth as a natural tooth.
    • Brush and floss thoroughly and regularly.
    • In a rare case, your crown or veneer may fall off, keep it securely and contact your Dentist immediately. These can be easily be prefixed.

Dr. Reena Waghela says people who want to improve the smile can greatly benefit from these treatments. It enhances confidence with a better smile. She further adds Veneers and Crowns will improve your dental health and beauty for a long time.

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