How To Choose Right Braces – Clear Aligners Or Metal Braces?

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It was very difficult in the early days to get that improved smile due to improper teeth alignment. However, having that better smile that you had always desired is now becoming more comfortable to achieve.


Orthodontic treatment is the way to get the proper teeth alignment that can make an improvement in the smile. Various teeth misalignment problems like crooked teeth, crowded teeth, underbite, overbite, etc. gives an inappropriate look for a person. It also causes problems while chewing the food. 


Orthodontic treatment has now come with various treatment options like Metal braces, Ceramic braces, Lingual braces, and SD align [Clear aligners] for getting proper teeth alignment to improve the smile.

What are the different options available for Orthodontic treatment?

There are four major Orthodontic treatment options available: Metal braces, Ceramic braces, Lingual braces, and SD align [Clear aligners]. Although a user can select any of the available options, here we will look more particularly at the Metal braces and SD align [clear aligners]. It will help you to understand the different features of each of the treatment options available better.

Are Clear aligners braces available in Indian dental clinics? invisalign braces

Yes. The clear aligners option is available in India. Here, you can get the custom-made clear aligners known as SD align treatment. They are easy to handle making it simple to remove and put in the right position. Also, the SD alignment can give a very nice aesthetic look during the treatment process itself.

What to choose: Metal braces or Clear Aligners?

A broader look into the features of Metal braces and Clear aligners will help you make proper decisions between metal braces or clear aligners.

Here is a closer look at Metal Braces and Clear Aligners: Metal Braces

1. Treatment

Metal braces are one of the traditional treatments which are made majorly of metals. Here, the brackets are put on each tooth and each bracket is tied with an archwire. They collectively work to move the teeth in the desired location.


SD alignments are the aligners that are removable and put on the teeth to make them move in the desired position. There are custom-made aligners that are made as per the teeth position.

2. Working

Metal braces are fixed types of braces that cannot be removed easily. Here, the brackets and archwires exert pressure on the desired teeth to make them move in the proper position. After some duration, a patient needs to visit the Orthodontist to make necessary adjustments in the metal braces.


SD align are clear aligners that can be removed and designed as per the requirement to move teeth in a specific direction. The patient here must visit the Orthodontists to get other aligners after some duration to make the teeth move in a specific direction.

3. Treatment duration

For metal braces, the treatment duration is around a 12 to 24 months period. When it comes to aligners, the treatment duration can extend from 15 to 24 months. Also, if the teeth movement is not as per the desire then treatment duration can get extended more.

4. Proper age

For metal braces, the ideal age is between 10 to 16 years where the facial body parts are in the development phase making it easy to proper teeth movement.


For SD alignment, a person can go for the treatment after 10 years. Also, it is getting popular among adults with proper results.

5. Comfort

For metal braces, there is comparatively lesser comfort as the metal and the archwires are attached in the mouth. Also, brushing the teeth becomes difficult with metal braces.


In the case of aligners, a person can feel very comfortable comparatively. Its removable property helps to brush the teeth by just removing the aligners properly.

6. Effective

Metal braces have a very nice success rate that can ensure success rate nicely for getting the desired position of the teeth.

SD align can get nice success when proper treatment guidelines are followed. Also, removal and putting the aligners must be done in a proper way. Both Metal braces and SD align are highly effective treatments with good success rate. 

7. Cost

The metal braces treatment is comparatively less costly that can make it comfortable for any person to do the treatment.

For SD align treatment, the cost is higher than other treatment options. However, the invisible and removable property of the SD align is more worthy when compared to the cost.


So, these are some important differences between metal braces and aligners. Generally, the decision is made depending on the preference of the person with respect to the different properties of the braces.

Are invisible braces working well?

The SD align treatment is found to be working more nicely. Here, the person has to remove and put the braces more properly without any error. Also, the visit to the Orthodontist must not be missed.


It is important to do the Orthodontic treatment at an earliest to get proper treatment. You can go for any of the treatments as per your desire with proper instructions.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Rupali Gujar Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Metal braces and SD align are the treatment options for teeth misalignment. Orthodontists suggest early treatment to ensure proper teeth alignment. Metal braces are one of the traditional braces that are affordable. SD align are a new technology for teeth alignment with lesser cost comparatively.”
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