Should Orthodontics be used to treat impacted teeth?

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It is very difficult to hold patience when the impacted tooth starts giving pain. Getting treated at the earliest is very important here. Generally, many people think of going to the dentist when dealing with an impacted tooth. It is usually not easy to determine the impacted tooth as it does not cause of bad bite or pain-like symptoms.


Leaving the impacted tooth without treatment for a prolonged period can lead to complications. So, it is important to know more about the impacted tooth and its treatment.

What does impacted tooth mean?

What does impacted tooth mean

Generally, a tooth is impacted tooth when it does not come in the mouth at the expected period. Excluding the wisdom teeth, all the teeth in the mouth come between the period of 12 to 14 years of age. A delay in the eruption of the tooth or pain in that area can be a problem, so it must be determined early.

Various types of Impacted teeth:

Various types of Impacted teeth

There are different types of the impacted tooth. Depending on the growth direction and the gumline of the teeth in the below, they can be divided into different types.

Several types of Impacted teeth include:

  • Vertical Impaction – Here, the tooth has erupted in a proper direction, however, its development is close to the neighbor teeth which stops it from erupting.
  • Horizontal Impaction – Here, the tooth grows at the angle of 90 degrees to other teeth, the problem here is that it exerts pressure on the adjacent teeth.
  • Angular Impaction – Here, the tooth grows at different angles which causes gum line block.
  • Partial Eruptions – This is a partial angular impaction where the tooth push through gums, however, its proximity with other teeth stops its growth.

Signs and Symptoms of Impacted tooth:

signs and symptoms of impacted tooth

Some of the common reasons for an impacted tooth, is due to non-loss of the baby-tooth which was supposed to be lost at a certain age. Also, it is due to the non-eruption of the adult tooth.


A visit to the orthodontist will give you the exact cause of the impacted tooth through their X-ray observations. To manage the situation properly, appropriate treatment can be taken as per the suggestion of the orthodontist.


Some of the other signs which can due to the impacted tooth are:

Headaches for a longer duration

– Pain in the gums

– Swelling and redness in the gum

– Opening of mouth or jaw becomes very difficult

Which are the risks which might cause due to an impacted tooth?

If the impacted tooth is not treated early then it can cause various different problems. It will take a longer duration for showing the signs of pain, during this period there will be unwanted pressure on the gums and surrounding teeth.


The adjacent teeth can also be eventually lost in the extreme case. Apart from that, pain is commonly observed in the patient who suffers through the impacted tooth.

How can an impacted tooth be cured with the orthodontic treatment?

how impacted tooth can be cured with the orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment at the earliest is the best way to cure the impacted teeth. Depending on the direction of the growth, age, and the complexity of the case, the treatment method is applied. The orthodontist usually removes the baby teeth first, with an expander appliance and space maintainer.


Also, if proper space is there for the eruption then the impacted tooth might have erupted. In case if the impacted tooth is located in a tedious location then surgical intervention may be needed. To minimize the damage to the tooth and control the eruption path, braces are the better option to use.


The better way for the full diagnosis is to take the consultation of the specialist orthodontist. They can give a nice plan for the treatment for managing the situation and advise better options. Getting Orthodontist treatment as early as possible is very important for impacted tooth care.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Zita Antao Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Treatment of the impacted teeth at the early stage is very essential to avoid the pain and get proper treatment. Once you know the signs of the impacted tooth, visiting the Orthodontist quickly is very essential to avoid the pain in the tooth.”


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