Festival Season’s Top Tips for Oral Care

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India is a country of diverse religions, cultures, languages and cuisines. India is also famous for its different festivals all around the world. The whole of country is immensely festival oriented which drives the whole economy. There is a complete festival season ranging from Holi, Ganpati, Id, Navratri, Diwali, Parvez, Christmas etc. there is no end to the list of festivals existing in India.


The most tempting part of these festivals/outing is the different varieties of food. The thought itself leaves your mouth watering, right? People in India love food, there is no doubt it. They can never deny the fact that one of the main reasons of festivals to celebrate is the food, right?


The start of the festival season or all these outings also gives an excitement to a whole lot of people as there would be holidays and who would not love holidays, right? This entails that people would go on vacations and otherwise too the festivals are indication of celebrations, parties, get together with family and friends etc.


In all these humdrums we consciously or unconsciously serve on wide diversity of foods and we tend to forget to heed to our health needs at such times and some foods might be adversely affect your teeth, mouth, gums and bones.


All of them have the potential to be damaged. Oh, now you may be assuming we are asking to cease enjoying all these delicacies, isn’t it? But no, no, how can someone live without food, it’s impossible, it’s a prerequisite and food are a part of the lifestyle.


Are you looking now for top tips for oral care during these festivals then don’t worry, relax? Sabka Dentist has a solution to your concerns, and we would like to shed some light on top tips for oral care which you can take while serving to love these festive foods.


Take a note of below oral care in the festive season

  • Maintain a discipline in your schedule: You may think, I guess I am asking for too much? but to be precise, it’s a small request to stick to your schedule as the cost benefit ratio of it is very high. Irrespective of your late-night study, outing, entertainment, work pressure etc. you must make sure that you never compromise on your oral health care. With this we mean, you must brush twice a day with a toothpaste containing fluoride for two minutes at least and daily flossing. This will keep many mouth infections at bay. And if you are not at all brushing the teeth at night, its highly recommended to do one as it’s the most important and inculcate the habit of brushing teeth at night. Festivals are time where we usually neglect our routine due to want of time but its hard to take care of our health even during these hectic times since health is wealth.
    And even withstand the temptation to cancel the regular dental checkup of every 6 months. If you haven’t had your routine dental checkup, book an appointment now with Sabka Dentist.
  • Plan your activities minutely: Festive seasons are very busy, and the hustle bustle leaves no time for you plan anything as many things spontaneously crop up anytime and anywhere. In such a scenario, it is important that you make your oral healthcare a priority and provide it the care it deserves rather than regret later. To avoid any pitfalls, ensure that you have made a visit to your dentist if you’re ready to go out of station for a vacation. It is advisable to treat any dental issue at an early stage as it has many benefits in long term and you don’t land up in any emergency treatment which could be a problem to avail. An inventory of manual toothbrushes and travel sized toothpastes are always good to carry and don’t forget floss too!
  • Avoid dehydration and serve on correct fluids: Festivals are time where people forget to drink proper amount of fluids as they are too busy. Either you’re occupied with festival or touring, or partying make sure you are hydrated with proper fluids which will maintain the health of the mouth. And especially if you are on a trip of warm and humid weather, it is highly recommended to drink fluids. Choice of beverages plays an important role here; water and milk are the best options which you keep on your list foremost. Drinks laced with high sugar and high in acid must be avoided. Also avoid the energy drinks, fizzy drinks and fruit juices are they include high sugar. If consumed for the whole day, they will harm your tooth and cause dental erosion at the end.
  • Don’t try and become a superhero: The primary function of your teeth is help you chew the food and never to be used as tools for which they are not intended for. Almost all the liquids come in bottles and during festivals and celebrations we always lack an opener. Indians normally have the habit of opening the bottles with their teeth or crack open the bottles with it. Indians even do the same with many packets. This results in many accidents and tooth is subjected to many risks and damages. It may break, cause pain or you could completely lose any tooth. So, please don’t try and become a superhero, every organ has its own function and use them for the purpose they are designed for in your life.
  • Sun as a source of Vitamin D: Festive period or outing, it is a time where we spend most of our time out of our home. During daytime, we are subjected to the universal energy provider or the powerhouse of the energy that is the sun which is the ultimate source of Vitamin D. There are many evidences and research which have proved that Vitamin D can a help you to maintain healthy gums. Healthy gums are a gateway to healthy teeth. Gum disease can result in many other health related complications like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and mental health, so it good to get exposed to sun for some time. Keep a track of the amount of time you spend as too much of it can be harmful too, which we are all aware due to UV Rays.

Sabka Dentists would like you the enjoy the festive season with complete care of your dental health as well as over all health. Its of paramount significance that we keep our health in mind while serving on all these festivals delicacies or on vacation abroad.


After all, Indians will never cease to amaze themselves with different varieties of food. So, keep in mind all these top tips for oral care and even book an appointment before the event of festival season with Sabka Dentist.


Expert Opinion

    Dr. Priyanka Shingore Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Festivals are a time when people must be extra cautious with oral care.”

    Dr. Ankita Gada Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Everyone must follow the tips for oral care during the festive period or during a trip abroad as emergency can come anytime.”

    Dr. Zita Antao Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Preventing yourself from dehydration can help you prevent many health issues and its important even for a healthy mouth and oral care.”

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