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A person finds it very awkward while talking or smiling when they have stained, yellow, or brownish teeth. The treatment like teeth cleaning can remove the stains or other teeth discoloration problem. It is recommended to get teeth whitening treatment at least twice a year. Visit Sabka dentist in Ahmedabad to get teeth cleaning treatment to achieve white teeth.

teeth cleaning in ahmedabad
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There has always been a misconception that visiting a dentist is less important. In Fact the psychology of people goes on to the advertisement that reveals false ads about the toothpastes showing the advantages of clean teeth.


People are highly targeted of watching these ads that results in nothing. Maintaining your daily oral health is necessary like brushing, Flossing, and rising but our oral health is highly integrated with bacteria causing cavities, tartar, plaque, stains, and gum issues that is next to impossible to remove from normal brushing.


Hence, professional teeth cleaning and regular dental checkup is necessary to make your mouth health and fresh. Sabka Dentist offers you with free dental check-up to know the problem that is actually affecting your mouth. Amongst all the dentist in Ahmedabad Sabka Dentist is the only clinic that provides teeth cleaning treatment at affordable prices.


So, make sure to visit Sabka Dentist in Ahmedabad today.

It has always come into consideration that practising good oral health at home results in good oral hygiene and think they are not prone to any risk. But, there is a fact that has to be known to everybody that, after the consumption of acidic eatery our mouth instantaneously get affected causing the building up of tartar, plaque, and stains.


If a proper supervision or a prior precautions are not taken, then the sticky substance or bacteria will grow deep inside the roots causing the problem of Bad breath and gum infection.


Normal brushing is difficult to reach the area where the infection is spread and hence, professional teeth cleaning is the only choice of getting rid of the growing risk.


Who is this treatment for?

The treatment of professional teeth cleaning is the treatment that has to be done every 6 months. The teeth cleaning is specially done for the people who are regular smokers, drinkers, and also for the people who are highly engaged in eating unwanted food particles , especially eating a lot of sugary substances.


And for the people who are medical reasons called gum infections, bad breath, and other infections.

What is teeth cleaning?

Teeth Cleaning in Ahmedabad

Teeth cleaning is a non- surgical treatment wherein the in- house dentists of Sabka Dentist will check your teeth through dental check-up that is free of cost and search for the accumulated deposits of Tartar and plaque.


Later, an ultrasonic machine is used for the scrapping of the deposited substance. The machine has a thin wiring that is used to remove the sticky substance firmly. The sound of the machine will shiver you, but not to worry at Sabka Dentist the treatment is pain-free.


Why should I get teeth cleaning regularly?

Natural teeth are the precious beautification that enhances the overall facial gestures. Hence, to care about it is necessary. If a proper precaution is not taken the bacteria that has deposited inside the mouth is spread to the different parts of the body resulting in damage to the body.


Below are the benefits of getting teeth cleaning treatment

1. Prevent cavity formation:

One dental visit for teeth cleaning treatment will help you to save the teeth from the formation of the cavity. Cavity is a bacteria that is formed at an early stage. It is not formed overnight. It starts spreading slowly to the deeper part of the tooth causing the risk of the tooth. Hence, prior precaution to maintain the oral hygiene should be taken.


2. Prevent bad breath:

Have you wondered why you have bad breath even after brushing daily and properly? The answer to your question is very simple and it is, due to the deposited plaque.


Plaque is a hardest substance that is not removed from the normal brush or brushing. Hence, to get rid of it dental appliances is used to remove the deposition of the plaque from the teeth.


3. Stop the active bacterias from spreading:

Deposit of plaque and tartar is the new house for the bacteria to grow. This, formation of bacterias will badly affect the overall health of the mouth.


It will start spreading to different areas of the mouth. Hence, teeth cleaning in Ahmedabad is the solution to the future risk of spreading the infection.


4. What is the procedure of teeth cleaning?

It is universally recommended that teeth cleaning treatment is the important dental procedure that has to be done every 6 months. This procedure is for everyone, especially for the people who are regular smokers, drinkers, chew tobacco, and betel nut, etc. they are highly affected by having tartar that is accumulated on their teeth due to growing of unwanted food particles, causing bad breath


In Sabka dentist clinics for teeth cleaning in Ahmedabad, our professional dentists who are well versed with the treatment will perform the cleaning process in a very efficient manner. The process is as follows:


  1. A physical examination: At the very first step when you visit the dental clinic the dentist wipp go through mouth examination. They will search for the sign that indicates cavity, tartar, and plaque. They will also check the health of the gums
  2. Removing the plaque: After a thorough dental check-up, the dentist will start with the treatment of professional cleaning. A device is used to scrap the formed plaque and tartar from the gum lines as well as the gaps that are difficult to reach from a normal brushing. This treatment won’t harm your health or the teeth.
  3. Fluoride cleaning process: Once the removing of the particles is done, the dentist will use a dental brush that is high powered brush that will clean the deeper parts of the teeth. The brush sound may create a grinding sound, but it 100% safe. Later, at operational process the dentist will apply a dental gel called fluoride gel. It acts as toothpaste that will clean the teeth gently and polish it very well, then the dentist will apply the fluoride gel. The gritty consistency of the toothpaste scrubs the teeth gently. It gives good polish to the teeth.
  4. Reexamine the teeth: After all the operational procedure will be done the dentist will give mouthwash that will clean all the teeth. Once this process is done, the dentist will examine the teeth again and give proper guidelines.


How many visits are required for teeth cleaning?

It is a treatment that can be done in one visit at the Sabka Dentist. But, not the least it also depends on the teeth cases that also get extended to two to three sessions.


A professional toothbrush is used to clean the deposited substances. The tartar and stains loosen off from the teeth and gums due to vibrations of an instrument. After cleaning teeth polishing is done to get a sparkle in your teeth.


Post-treatment care

After teeth cleaning:

  • Consuming of food and drink that causes stains should be avoided especially the aerated drinks
  • Avoid smoking and drinking to some extent or your teeth will be prone to the building up of the stains
  • You may feel some sensitivity due to the procedure so try to use a sensitivity toothpaste for a few days.


Things to remember after the teeth cleaning process:

  • Even though teeth cleaning treatment is done properly, but that doesn’t mean that you will avoid everyday routine of brushing teeth.
  • Brush, floss, and risine after every meal and if that is not possible try to do it twice a day.
  • Visit your dentist every 6 months.
  • Try to consume healthy eateries like green vegetables, fruits, and dairy products like milk and cheese.
  • Try to drink water after every meal so that the food particles that are stuck onto the teeth are flushed out.
  • Keep a control on the acidic food like tea, coffee, and fizzy drinks
  • Limit the consumption of sticky foods and sugary substances
  • Avoid biting fingernails, pens cap, pencils, etc and avoid using your teeth to open bottles or to tear packets.
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