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Just like other medication is important for the protection of your body, the same is required for the teeth. Teeth pain is not a simple pain. It can cause many other medical problems. Hence, precaution is necessary to be taken before the situation gets worse. Sabka Dentist is the right call to get the solution for all dental related problems.

Sabka dentist is a dental chain in India that works towards the development of good and strong teeth. It is a wishmaker for the patients who are wishing to have a beautiful smile. At Sabka Dentist our clinic has flourished in different parts of the cities like Surat, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Pune, and Mumbai. We have treated more than 9 millions people across India, giving them their wanted smile. Sabka Dentist have spread its chain by opening 110 clinics in the cities of India. And there are more than 500 working staff, offering their passion to the patients.

Out of 110 clinics, Sabka dentist in Motera, Ahmedabad, is the one that is exceptionally a different one.

Sabka Dentist in Motera, Ahmedabad, have worked towards the betterment of the patients. For the staff Patients and their dental problems are top priority. Dentist in Motera, Ahmedabad, help out the patients by giving personal attention. A personal connection is made between the dentists and patients, bringing an eagerness of visiting the clinic again.

We work according to the protocol made by us and follow them strictly. We strive for patients and their quality time and hence, we give them zero waiting policy. For us, a patient’s money value is important, and hence, we give them Every Month Installments( EMI) at Zero percent interest rate. Our working process is kept open in front of the patient’s eyes, which means that everything is planned and performed in front of you. Dental information privacy is maintained by us. Hence, we are a clinic with zero tension.

  • Dental checkups –

    Dental checkups is a part of general dentistry. It includes dental checkup, consultation and X-rays. In other clinics of Ahmedabad a small amount is charged, but visiting at Sabka Dentist for a routine checkup is free of cost. An addition is added to SabkaDentist that offers all treatment at an affordable price. Our dentists of Motera goes through the mouth and check for the possibilities or the causes for the dental problems. Even if there is no dental issues, dental checkup is still compulsory to avoid the issues in future. Consultation is given by the dentist. A dentist will suggest treatments for the specific problems. X-ray is taken when it is necessary to take. It is taken when the dentists can judge for the problems externally and hence, it is done internally.

  • Braces Treatment – Braces are the ideal and the very best option for the correction of the teeth and their position. Wearing braces will not only give an exact position but also will solve the overall health of the mouth. Wearing braces is a futuristic approach. The results will surely give off what you want. The procedure of wearing braces is different for any type of brace, respective on the types of the braces. At Sabka Dentist we have wide ranges of braces available.

  • Root canal Treatment –

    Sabka Dentist is a leading chain across India. We have performed more than 30,000 cases just for root canal. It is a severe infection that affects the root of the tooth. It also blows out a particular person with pain. Hence, precaution is taken and given by the dentists through the operation of root canal. It is a procedure carried by the endodontist of Ahmedabad. The endodontist is specially called if the clinic has a patient with root canal problem. The reason for the root canal is that the untreated cavities that have deposited on the teeth and precautions are not taken and hence, it goes deep down affecting the root of the tooth. The nerve of the tooth is extracted from the root, keeping the tooth available for the working. The tooth is covered with gutta-percha a rubber like material to support the tooth from further damage.

  • Dental Implants –

    Dental implants is the most convenient and effective prosthetics that fills the missing gap caused due to tooth decay or injuries. Dental implants can also be placed after tooth extraction treatment but not immediately, after three months of the treatment. The feature of this treatments aims in filling the socket that corrects the appearance as well as making it functional to work. There is a long procedure that is included in dental implants treatment. The procedure involves the fixing of the screw, then abutment, and lastly an implant that makes the tooth available for further access. Fixing an implant is not an easy task and hence it requires 3 to 4 visits to the dental clinic. Even post treatment it is necessary to visit a dentist.

  • Child Dentistry –

    Have you heard of a dental clinic that offers specialists for children, dealing with their dental health? Well, at Sabka Dentist it is available. We have a child dental specialist called Paedodontist that deals with the utmost dental care in children. Their work is not only in dealing with the dental care they also provide guidelines and counselling to the children’s parents regarding the causes of the dental issues.

  • Periodontal Diseases-

    Periodontal disease also termed s gums disease is a massive problem that can cause problems like tooth loss. Gum diseases can be predicted when pain or bleeding in the gums takes place. Hence, at Sabka dentist in Motera,Ahmedabad, we have a solution to it. Gum diseases can be cured by removing the plaque and tartar from the edge of the enamel. If not treated it can cause destruction to the enamel too. This disease is highly seen in old adults who are facing tooth loss that is due to their gums have become weak.

  • Cosmetic Dentistry –

    Sabka Dentist is the only clinic in Motera, Ahmedabad, that offers dental cosmetic treatments to the patients. It is an extra dose that enhances the teeth and smile. This procedure here, in Motera, Ahmedabad, is the only done at Sabka Dentist. We are a clinic that is equipped with modern means of dentistry and hence at our clinic in Motera, ahmedabad, we have modern instruments for the treatment that helps the patients in getting what they want. We offer veneers, Whitening and bleaching, and laser dentistry. One experience will change the perception.

To know which dentist is the best and what services do they provide, helps you search for the best clinic in Motera, Ahmedabad. Here, are some common pointers that will help to search you for the best clinic:

  1. Suggestions from friends, family, or nearby people
  2. Search for the clinic by strolling around in the locality
  3. See if the clinic have recommended dentists available
  4. Search and go for the best dentist with experience
  5. Go through the clinic’s hygienes because that is the most important thing
  6. Go through the internet and see the ratings

Book an appointment today with Sabka Dentist in Motera, Ahmedabad or walk-in to the clinic and experience the positive working of the clinic.

good service
Suraj Sharma
Suraj Sharma
04:44 21 Jul 20
Standard treatment high quality treatment and good sevice tx for staff..i am good feeling..
Jay Dwarkadhish
Jay Dwarkadhish
13:50 04 Jul 20
Vishva Patel
Vishva Patel
13:37 03 Jul 20
Excellent & best service of sabka dentist- dr.vishwa patel
khushbu patel
khushbu patel
12:24 03 Jul 20
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Bhagirath Upadhyay
18:31 18 Mar 20

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