What foods have an effect on gum health?

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How foods affect gum health?

It is very important that an individual must have very nice Oral health. However, most of the individual goes through some of the other Oral health problems. Gum problem is one of the main Oral issues suffered by many individuals. Various researches have pointed out two aspects that out of every ten people seven people suffer from gum health and gum issues also leads to different other health issues. This shows that it is very important to maintain gum issues and have healthy gums.

foods affect gum health

There are some food and drinks which cause gum-related issues, causing many of the gum problems. Most of these foods have a high amount of sugar in them which settles on the teeth causing it more damage. Apart from it, there are other foods too which cause cavities in the teeth. Also, it is worth noting that there are some food items that help to build-up healthy gums. They have some anti-inflammatory properties and promote healthy tissue build-up. It helps to cure gum diseases to some extent and keep the gums healthier.

Which foods to avoid for having healthier gums?

gum health

1. Sweets

It is always difficult to avoid sweets whenever a special occasion comes. However, some people who have high sugar are more prone to gum diseases. They have high bacteria build-up on teeth as well as on the gums.

2. Tea

Tea is one such hot beverage that has a high quantity of sugar which causes cavities in the teeth. Also, the sugar contained in the tea rapidly gets sticks on the gums leading to more bacteria development which causes gum issues.

3. Chocolates

Chocolates are surely one of the main reasons for cavity build-up and gum issues among children and teens. They have a high quantity of sugar and their sticky nature settles more in the complex region of the teeth.

4. Cold drinks

Some cold drinks have a high quantity of sugar which settles on the teeth and gums leading to bacteria development. Here, there is a high possibility of plaque development which can cause the gums in that region to affect adversely.

Which foods one must consume for getting healthy gums?

healthy gums

1. Ginger

Ginger is beneficial for gum health as it has the ability to reduce plaque development. The anti-inflammatory property in ginger helps to reduce gum diseases and keep gums healthier.

2. Oranges

Oranges to some extent are anti-inflammatory which helps to heal the gum-related issues. Also, the acidic property in the oranges helps to remove the sugar deposit on the gums which eventually helps in keeping the gums healthier.

These are some of the foods to avoid and take for maintaining healthy gums. This might not immediately solve the gum problems, still, it can help to avoid further damage and keep gums healthier.

Gum diseases are not easily detected at the earlier stage. However, there are some warning signs which indicate gum problems.

Some of the warning signs of gum problems are:

So, it is always better to visit a dental health care expert to know the severity of the gum problem. They can guide for the proper treatment.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Reena Waghela Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Gum problems are not easier to detect at the earlier stage. Avoiding some foods and intake of some foods can be helpful in reducing gum problems. An expert can help to detect the gum issues and guide for the proper treatment. To avoid any gum issues, make proper food habits."

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