How much does Orthodontic treatment cost?

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What are the costs when you are getting Orthodontic treatment?

It is very important that you get the Orthodontic treatment as soon as possible. However, deciding for the treatment is not that easier, as it takes more duration and cost. Compared to the other dental treatments, the cost involved in the Orthodontic treatment is a little higher.


The patients are very keen to know the exact work involved for the associated cost. One thing is nice that the Orthodontists provide all the quotes of the cost and the related work. From initial fitting to bracesretainers, and other post-treatment aspects make up the cost for this treatment. Also, one would analyze that there are no hidden costs in it.

The below points will help you to understand the cost that will be incurring and the respective Orthodontic treatment plan:

1. The braces that you will be putting up braces

Braces are one of the primary expenses that will be incurred in the Orthodontic treatment fees. There is archwire cost that links each of the brackets together which guides the teeth to move in a particular direction, the brackets which are attached to each of the individual teeth, and ligature elastics that locks the archwire with the brackets.


As a part of the Orthodontic treatment, you may even apply bite correction appliances, jaw expansion plates, and other adjunct appliances. The material costs and the Orthodontic treatment are the two Orthodontic fees that are responsible for the cost incurred here.

2. Regular visits to the Orthodontist for the check-up regular visit to orthodontists

As Orthodontic treatment is a long-term process, you need to do regular check-ups at fixed intervals. During the check-ups important things are checked like the braces & other appliances are at proper places, making necessary adjustments with the appliances, and any such guidance needed.


So, while the braces are put are on, you need to do the visit in a quicker duration and then while you are wearing the retainers. So, in a month, you need to make at least 5 visits and on some occasions more than that. Also, maintaining the safe and healthy Orthodontic treatment process involves some costs.


The Orthodontist has some of the cost involved in purchasing high-cost machines like Digital X-ray machines, dental equipment, 3D intra-oral scanner, sterilization equipment, and other high-quality dental instruments. The treatment you are getting will certainly be done by the expert team that will provide you with high-quality treatment.

3. Team of the specialists

An Orthodontist has to go through a rigorous training program after completing the general dental treatment. Orthodontic treatment cannot be done by any of the individuals, it needs a high level of expertise. This training makes them experts to do the treatment.


So, the fees you pay here to ensure that you get the proper treatment for the teeth and get that smile. In Orthodontic treatment, apart from the main Orthodontist who operates, you even get support from qualified therapists, hygienists, assistants, lab technicians, office staff, and coordinators of the treatment.

4. Visiting an emergency issue special emergency issue

While it is obvious that some Orthodontic emergencies may happen and managing any emergency situation is difficult for Orthodontists.


So, the treatment fees here will include handling the emergency issues due to an unscheduled appointment. In case of broken wires or braces may add-up extra costs. So, there is always a mechanism here to handle uneven circumstances.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Ankita Gada Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Orthodontic treatments are surely a little costlier compared with other treatment processes. The cost of the Orthodontic treatment is reflected in the quote for the treatment and expert treatment. It also includes other emergency costs and appliances used. Moreover, it provides immense value to your smile.”


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