Do your genes influence the health of your teeth?

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Do Genetics Affect your teeth health?

The health of your teeth depends on various factors like your brushing habits, eating habits, etc. However, there is one more factor that affects teeth health that is Genetics. Many people might get surprised as they have hardly realized. It is the same way as the child facing parts like nose, eyes, lips, etc. resembles their parents. Similarly, the teeth health of the child is also genetic to some extent. The jaws and the size of the teeth are more genetically determined. Not, every tooth-related problem is due to genetic factors. However, there are some important ways through which your teeth might be affected by genetics.

Here, we will look at some of the important ways through which Genetics affect teeth health:

1. Tooth decay and gum disease

Tooth decay and gum disease

Although proper oral hygiene habits like brushing, eating less sugary, proper rinsing of teeth after a meal, etc. can protect the gums and teeth from getting decayed, still your teeth may show some problems due to genetic conditions. The gum condition and tooth enamel development are caused also due to genetic reasons. Here, both or one of the family members may be suffering through this problem. So, if the family is having some oral health-related problems like weak enamel then you need to do that proper brushing and take care of overall oral health. The gum problems are more possible due to the genetic effect and it can cause you pain during any phase of your life. While going through the Orthodontic treatment, the appliances may exert extra pressure on your teeth. A proper assessment of the gums and the teeth is necessary as it can give the proper idea before the Orthodontic treatment commencement.

2. Teeth Crowding

Teeth Crowding

Teeth crowding can happen due to a number of reasons like thumb sucking habit, bottle feeding after a certain age limit too, etc. Genetics is also one such reason for the teeth crowding, the shape and size of your jaw is more closely related to your genes. It affects the growth of your teeth in the limited region which leads to crooked teeth and overcrowding. If your parents had some issues like overcrowding and had some orthodontic treatment, then probably you also might have a similar problem. The studies have shown that the teeth size and jaw size is controlled half by each side of the family. However, still it is not necessary that the Orthodontic problems faced by the parents are faced by the child too.

3. Missing teeth congenitally

Missing teeth congenitally

One or more adult teeth does not get develop under some of the genetic condition. So, in case some people do not have an adult tooth, they tend to retain the baby teeth. The case of missing teeth is significant and you must take proper consultation with the Orthodontist whether to keep the baby teeth for long-term or remove it. It depends on the case to case, also on the severity of the problem. So, it is always better to do a proper assessment of the child’s oral health with an Orthodontist.

4. Soft Enamel

Soft Enamel

Tooth enamel depends more on the enamel quality of the family. So, many people have soft enamel whose family had soft enamel. This leads to cavity development and enamel getting eroded. Here, the patient needs to take extra care of oral health.

So, whenever you have any of the Oral health-related problems, it is always advisable that you immediately visit to Orthodontist. They assess the teeth condition and make a strategy for the treatment. Making an appointment with the Orthodontist will make you understand the main problem. You can then take steps for the necessary Orthodontist treatment.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Manan Dhulia Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Genetics is one of the reasons which affect your teeth. Apart from that, there are a number of reasons which affect your Oral health adversely. However, you need to assess the teeth problem soon to understand the problem. Visiting a proper Orthodontist soon is better to take the necessary steps soon.”


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