How are clear teeth aligners made? Aligners Process Work

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When you notice that your smile is not as like you wish off and you think of consulting a dentist for the solution, they usually advised the best solution for the problem and that is braces treatment.

A positive technique to get a perfect smile. But have you ever heard about the braces appliance that is invisible to the naked eye, that doesn’t even require any braces appliance for supporting or the movement, no right?

Well, you should know about it that clear aligners are the introduction to the modern dentistry, that not only raised the advancement but also made it convenient and fearless for the people.

Clear aligners are less chosen option by the patient as they don’t trust the results or the outcome of wearing them. But, there is much more to know the advantages of wearing them. The aligners are uniquely made using the innovative technology of dentistry.

Now the question arises How are clear aligners made?

Due to the advancement in the technology world, aligners are made digitally, that uses a thermoplastic material that gives a code of invisibility. The hand-made trays are worn so comfortably that will give successful achievement results.

invisible clear aligners

Step by step Process on How clear aligners are made?

Just like the other orthodontic principles, clear aligners also follows the same path. It is used to create a movement of the teeth, correcting the misaligned teeth, complete the gap, and giving it ample space to situate for a longer time.

The invisible trays are invisible, customized, and active for the movement in the teeth by keeping the invisible feature exactly the same. There are a few steps to create the trays for a beautiful smile.

  • Dental clinic steps

    1. Taking Impressions of the teeth
    2. Taking Images of the set
    3. Taking X- rays.
  • Laboratory steps

    1. Scanning
    2. 3D models
    3. Aligners
    4. Quality check



    During the treatment of braces, impressions are taken. but, during the clear aligners treatment digital impression is taken so that the accurate aligners will be made that will fit properly inside the mouth. The procedure of the impression is done by applying a precise force is applied and the impression the teeth are scanned.


    It is very important to know what exactly has to be done during the stages of improvement. Hence, images are taken for the records and to see the changes and accordingly decide the further plan.

  • X -RAYS

    Before, carrying up any treatment X-ray is taken to see the inter-oral problem of the teeth. It is a necessary step for a successful result.



    The impression that is taken is scanned to get the replica of the teeth and accordingly plan the treatment. The 3D models are made in the end. This gives an accuracy about the planned treatment in the end.

  • 3-D MODELS

    3D models are a procedure where it is prepared using a technology called 3D printing that is done by using a light-sensitive liquified resin which solidifies when exposed to the laser. Later, the models are prepared by using the material called thermoplastic to achieve the best results, by giving it a fixed and aligned position.


    The purpose of wearing aligner is different for everyone. Some wear it for getting the results, some wear it as a style. But, the main thing about it is it corrects the misalignment of the teeth.


    Before giving it to the patient it is necessary to check clear aligners again so that happiness is not ruined. To avoid any false situation it is necessary to know the fact that proper checking should be done

Following instructions to be followed while opting clear aligner

  1. The aligner is to be worn 20 – 22 hours a day.
  2. Switch to the next set after 2weeks
  3. Set the aligner with the help of chewies
  4. Proper fixing and removal are important.
  5. Attachments to be in place if not necessary to be removed.
  6. Cleaning of the aligner is important and maintaining good oral hygiene.

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