Why can’t scientific innovation replace human orthodontists?

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Why Human Orthodontist cannot be replaced by technological advancement?

The world has seen a considerable change in technology in recent years. Ranging from user-friendly Apps to automated machines, most of them have revolutionized the way activities are done now. However, when it comes to your health you need a human person who can guide you for the treatment. Machines can perform only with the expertise of the necessary individuals. The same things apply to Orthodontists, there may be many new ranges of machines that can come for doing the activities like straightening teeth, jaw alignment, and other related activities. However, the new technology cannot replace Human Orthodontists for many of the reasons.

The professionals like Orthodontist have gained their expertise by doing extensive levels of training in the necessary universities. So, they have such outstanding qualities with them. There are many reasons why technology cannot replace Orthodontists. However, we will discuss here a few of the reasons for them.

Here are some of the reasons for which the Human Orthodontist cannot be replaced with technological advancement:

1. Orthodontists have the necessary expertise

Orthodontists have the necessary expertise

Orthodontists give a huge span of their life in the learning process to get certified for this work. Although from the outer angle, Orthodontic treatment may appear “Not so difficult activity”, however, it is a very complicated activity. With hands-on practical training and an intense level of training, the Orthodontist gains this expertise. After general Dental studies, the Orthodontist gives additional three years of full-time studies. These cumulative studies through rigorous practice can hardly be replaced by any of the technology. Orthodontists show a great combination of technology and human skills for making the stuff work in a proper way.

2. Human Interpersonal skills

Although the technology may evolve to a lot of extent doing a wide range of work, still they cannot replace the empathy and human emotions. Sitting on the dental chair, you cannot trust fully on any machines which work on buttons and some automation. You believe more in the human who holds the tools. The technology will see the patients more like a customer, while the Orthodontist will see the patient as a human being. There may be many situations during the treatment process where the interpersonal skills of the Orthodontist are vital for the treatment. It is the human relationship that lays the trust foundation between the patient and Orthodontist.

3. The payment is straightforward with respect to work

The technology may give cost-effectiveness for the treatment, still, it will lack in many of the aspects with the quality of the service. Many of the people do trust the proper Orthodontist irrespective of their little high prices. This is mainly because it finally deals with your smile and overall oral health. You get the necessary work done as per the payment for particular Orthodontic activity.

4. Orthodontists are more trustworthy from a safety point of view

Orthodontist are more trustworthy

The technology can bring in newer kinds of machines which can do some of the Orthodontic activity. However, machines cannot be believed without a human behind it when it comes to the treatment process. A little mistake may cause more damage to the individual. So, the Orthodontist who has the necessary expertise is always far more trustworthy from a safety point-of-view.

5. Orthodontist treatment does work

Orthodontist treatment does work

The work done through technology for health may or may not work. However, the treatment done by the Orthodontists is done with proper procedures which surely works. The work done here is more feasible and long-lasting. A long term working with multiple patients builds a higher level of expertise to an Orthodontist which works properly.

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  • Dr. Ankita Gada Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “There may be speculations of the technological advancement for the Orthodontic treatment. However, the expertise of the Orthodontist is irreplaceable which can help you to achieve a nice treatment.”


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