How Many Teeth Do We Have In A Life?

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Just from the childhood days only, we follow some of the basic oral hygiene habits. Brushing, rinsing, and few other habits are some of the basic oral hygiene habits that most of us follow.


However, some of us might have wondered about How many teeth do we have in a lifetime? Well, the answer will be bifurcated in two categories as per the total teeth with only adult teeth and the other with milk teeth. When a person develops adult teeth, they become permanent for life.


There are 32 permanent teeth in total. Before understanding the total number of teeth, it is important to know the difference between temporary and permanent teeth. All these teeth have to be maintained in a proper way.

What is the difference between temporary and permanent teeth?

1. Permanent teeth are hard and temporary teeth are soft

As the milk teeth are soft they are easily prone to food that destroys the teeth like juice, soda, and other flavored waters. The soft enamel of the teeth breaks down quickly and develops the cavities easily.


It further causes the grinding of the primary teeth that further might break the teeth. The permanent teeth have strong enamel and are sturdier comparatively which makes it difficult to destroy easily.


2. Baby teeth are whiter than the permanent teeth

The color of the permanent is yellowish than the baby teeth that can be easily noticeable. It is easily noticed particularly when the permanent teeth erupt next to the baby teeth


3. Baby teeth have large pulp chambers than permanent teeth

When compared to the size of the tooth, the size of the pulp chambers is more in the case of the permanent teeth. It causes the infection or inflammation to affect the teeth.


4. Shape of the teeth

The shape of the baby teeth is much like a cubical form. So the point of contact between the two teeth is large. In the case of adult teeth, they are more rounded which makes a smaller point of contact.


As there are some of the basic differences between these two sets of teeth, it can be easy to determine the type of teeth. As we have understood the difference between both, it will now be easier to know the total teeth in humans.


To say shortly, there are 20 primary teeth and 32 permanent teeth during the entire lifetime. It will tell the actual functions of the teeth and the way they are important in different circumstances.

The Number of milk teeth: baby teeth

The milk teeth start to erupt in the child from the age of 5 months to 4 years. By the age of 4 years, there are a total of 20 milk teeth sets.


Here, is the list of the 20 baby teeth:

1. 4 lateral incisors (two each of the jaw)

They are helpful for chewing the food items. Here, the child can eat some of the hard food.


2. 4 central incisors or front teeth (two each of the jaw)

These teeth appear on the front side. They are used for cutting the food items from the other portion of the mouth.


3. 4 canines or cuspids (two each of the jaw)

They are used for chewing the food. They are also helpful in tearing any of the food easily.


4. 4 first molar teeth or back teeth (two each of the jaw)

They are very helpful for chewing the food and grinding it properly. They are in the inner portion of the mouth.


5. 4 second molar teeth (two each of the jaw)

They are helpful for cutting the hard food items. It is also possible to grind and chew the food items.

The Number of permanent teeth (adult teeth): adult teeth

The adult teeth start erupting in the mouth from the age of 7 years till the age of 20 years. In all, there are 32 adult teeth for the person.


Here, is the list of 32 adult teeth:

1. 4 central incisors or front teeth (two each of the jaw)

These teeth appear on the front side. It is easier to cut the food which further makes it easier to chew.


2. 4 lateral incisors or side front teeth (two each of the jaw)

They appear on a little side of the mouth. It is easier to tear the food item with these teeth.


3. 4 canines (two each of the jaw)

The canines help to chew any of the hard food items too. They are stronger compared to other teeth.


4. 8 premolar teeth (4 each of the jaw)

This tooth appears a little side of the mouth. It becomes easier to chew the food items with these teeth.


5. 4 first molar teeth (2 each of the jaw)

They are strong teeth that can make it easier to chew the food item. They are located on the backside of the mouth.


So, this is full-fledged information on total teeth in humans. Visiting the dental expert regularly is important to maintain the good health of the teeth.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Ankita Gada Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "The milk teeth are 20 in number and the permanent teeth are 32 in number for any human. A dental expert can guide well on taking care of these teeth. It is important to do a dental checkup after a few months. It will help to know the condition of the oral health.”

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