Every individual needs to keep up with their dental health in a very proper way. Good dental health helps to eat any kind of food comfortably and improves your smile that makes you feel confident in the social areas. However, most of the people are facing some of the other dental problems. Visiting a proper dentist can help you out to solve this dental problem. However, there are some of the natural therapies which can be implemented to cure dental problems and improve dental health. Oil pulling is one such natural therapy that has been used since long back. There are certain specific types of oils for pulling which can be used to cure the dental problem.

Oil pulling is a total harmless process and it just involves washing your mouth with specific oils. This activity has helped to solve many of the dental related problems in a quicker way. The different types of oils for pulling used include sunflower oil, sesame oil, and coconut oil. Using any other type of oil apart from these oils is never recommended. All the oils mentioned above have the capacity to dilute many of the bacteria and other toxins present in the mouth.

oil for pulling

This activity should be done on a regular basis, which can be either on alternate day basis or after every three days. However, there has to be continuity in the activity to get the maximum benefit from the oil pulling activity. Ideally doing this activity twice a day is enough. However, if you want to get quicker results, then you can do this activity four times a day. The mouth has to be rinsed properly with the oil and spat out completely to throw the dirt outside.

All the germs which are accumulated in the crevices of the teeth and other remote areas in the mouth are removed to a lot of extent with this activity. As teeth and tongue are important organs through which the food enters inside the body, keeping it toxin-free and cleaner is tremendously important. It will ensure that the food you eat is nice and enters the digestive system in a cleaner way.

How to practice oil pulling activity?

  • First, make sure that your stomach is empty for at least 2 hours before starting the oil pulling activity. Ideally, the morning period before brushing is the best period when you can start this oil pulling activity.
  • Put the oil inside the mouth and swish it gently for about 20 minutes in the mouth. The jaws and muscles have to be in a relaxed position while doing this oil pulling activity. Swish the oil inside the mouth in a very proper way which can cover all the areas of the body.
  • While swishing the mouth with the oil make sure that you do not swallow the oil inside the body. You should spit out all the solution as it contains bacteria and other unwanted toxins.
  • Do the oil pulling activity for 2 to 3 times for about 10 minutes each. Make sure that the oil pulling activity is done in a gentler way.
  • After completing the oil pulling activity, rinse the mouth with a mixture of salt and warm water. It will help remove all the oil and other microbial collection in the mouth.
  • You can do the brushing activity after finishing with the oil pulling activity.

When you are doing this oil pulling activity, you should not be in a hurry. It should be done in a relaxed manner. Oil pulling activity has a lot of oral benefits that can solve several dental issues and improve dental health.

benefits of oil for pulling

Benefits of Oil Pulling activity:

  1. Healing the gumsOil pulling is one of the very effective ways to deal with gums related problems. Many people face problems like bleeding gums, gingivitis, etc. Oil Pulling helps to heal the bleeding gums problems and reduce other gums related problems easily.
  2. Reduce the bad breath problemDental problems not only come with toothache and pain. Sometimes, it is also accompanied by a bad breath problem. The smell of bad breath can be easily experienced by the person from the area where the oral problem is there.
  3. Control the cavity developmentCavity development on the tooth leads to the decaying process which then starts with decaying of the teeth. Plaque on many occasions leads to the development of the cavities. It consists of saliva, bacteria, and other food particles. Many of these bacteria break down food particles into acid which leads to the decaying of the teeth. Oil Pulling can remove all such bacteria from the mouth which can ultimately help in controlling the cavity development activity on the tooth.
  4. Reduces inflammationGingivitis, plaque development, swollen gums, and other dental problems lead to inflammation in the teeth on many occasions. Oil pulling activity has been found very effective in dealing with the inflammation. This activity can control plaque development and other cavity development activity on the tooth.
  5. Cost-effective methodOil pulling is one of the very cost-effective methods of dealing with the dental problem. Here, you just need a specific type of oil to do the oil pulling activity.

You can use any type of oils for pulling to deal with the dental-related problem and get the maximum benefit from it. Make sure that you visit a proper dentist to get the permanent solution for your dental problems. However, oil pulling is not alternate to any health practice. However, it is a natural way to keep up your dental health nicely

Expert opinion

  • Dr.
    Ankita Gada
    Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Oil pulling is always a better way to deal with dental issues and maintain dental problems. There are some commonly used oils for pulling like sunflower, sesame, and coconut oil which can be effective to improve dental health.”


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