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We’ve had patients get some information about Single Arch Braces treatment and figured it is useful to clarify this sort of treatment in more detail. Single arch treatment implies that braces are just utilized on either the upper or lower teeth.


Curves are the u-molded plans that make up your dentition (the course of action of teeth). As it were, your upper teeth are a curve and your base teeth are a curve.


This is a typical inquiry. For instance, if your teeth are abnormal on top yet completely straight on the base, for what reason would you need braces on both? The appropriate response isn’t as basic as you might suspect and fluctuates from patient to understanding. The purpose behind this is on the grounds that orthodontic treatment is more mind boggling than simply fixing teeth.


At the point when teeth are packed or slanted and supports are applied to fix them, the teeth will move bit by bit and move into the right position yet additionally push ahead to consider more space.


In different situations where teeth have holes among them and supports are applied to move them together, the teeth tend to move in reverse as they adjust together. Along these lines, nibble issues (malocclusions) might be made.


A malocclusion as characterized by Wikipedia is a misalignment or wrong connection between the teeth of the two dental curves (upper and lower teeth) when they approach each other as the jaws close.

Normal sorts of malocclusions include:

Over fly, otherwise called buck teeth – The top front teeth are pushed forward and outward. This can be brought about by a little lower jaw.


Congestion – There are either an excessive number of teeth comparable to the size of the jaw, or the teeth are excessively enormous and swarm each other out.


Overbite – The top front teeth fit over the front lower teeth and contact the gums.

Underbite – The front upper teeth sit within the front lower teeth.

Crossbite – Similar to an underbite, in any case, the upper teeth sit within the lower teeth on the sides of the mouth.


Open chomp – the teeth don’t meet when the jaw/mouth is shut.

Lost midline – The focal point of the upper front teeth don’t agree with the focal point of the lower front teeth.

Contingent upon seriousness and sort of misalignment, malocclusions are evaluated as Class I, Class II, or Class III.

malocclusion class

In the event that you as of now have an overbite and you have screwy teeth, on the off chance that we were just treating this condition with single curve supports, at that point this could really exacerbate the overbite since slanted teeth push ahead as they fix.


Then again, if your nibble is fine in the first place yet you have warped upper teeth, putting supports on the top teeth just might make an overbite.


Think about your upper and lower teeth like gear-teeth and a wheel. The “teeth” should be fixed so as to fit effectively into the wheel, however on the off chance that the machine gear-piece and wheel don’t fit appropriately together on the grounds that they are skewed, at that point a wide range of issues can happen.

Intricacies of Malocclusion

Malocclusions all by themselves can cause long haul medical issues. They can likewise deteriorate with time. Furthermore, serious malocclusions can make the jaw push advance or sit excessively far back and change the outward appearance of an individual. Misalignments can likewise influence facial evenness.

Different issues that create include:

  • Teeth pounding.
  • Strange wear on teeth causing disintegration of the tooth surface or broken teeth.
  • Trouble biting.
  • Discourse obstructions.
  • More serious danger of tooth rot/cavities.
  • Migraines.
  • Jaw and neck torment.
  • Tooth and jaw diseases.

Are Single Arch Braces Ever an Option?

There are times when setting supports on just one curve is a choice despite the fact that it isn’t so normal. They might be utilized in more youthful youngsters when starting Phase 1 of their orthodontic treatment plan before continuing on to Phase 2.

single arch braces

Another model may be the point at which a patient has a slight overbite and some dividing issues in the upper teeth. Since teeth with holes or spaces will in general move in reverse with supports, a solitary curve treatment may address the slight malocclusion also.

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  • Dr. Ankita Gada Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Single arch braces treatment could result in an open bite, cross bite, or fail to correct an overbite if the patient refuses to have braces.”

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