Unwrap Happiness at SD Smile Fest

Pay 500, Get 10X Benefits!

A gift to your smile that keeps on giving!

Let's Explore the incredible perks waiting for you

Complete Teeth Cleaning & Polishing

Treat your teeth to a comprehensive cleaning and polishing session, designed to banish stains and revitalize your smile. Experience the freshness that comes with a professionally cleaned set of pearly whites.

FREE Sabka Dentist Toothpaste Valued at Rs.199/-

Complement your daily oral care routine with our premium toothpaste, a complimentary gift to keep your smile gleaming between visits. It’s our way of ensuring your at-home care matches the standards of our professional treatments.

Rs. 10,000/- Treatment Voucher

As a token of our gratitude, receive a treatment voucher worth Rs. 10,000/-. This voucher empowers you to explore additional dental treatments, ensuring your smile remains in peak condition.

How to Seize the Benefits

Book Your Spot

Reserve your appointment to claim this exclusive offer. Limited slots are available, so act swiftly to secure your place.

Visit Our Clinic

Step into any Sabka Dentist Clinic and let our skilled professionals work their magic on your smile. Enjoy the relaxation of a complete teeth cleaning and polishing session.

Take Home Your Freebies

Walk away with a complimentary Sabka Dentist Toothpaste and your Rs. 10,000/- treatment voucher. These additions ensure your smile receives continuous care and attention.


The SD Smile Fest comes at an unbeatable price of just Rs.500. This minimal fee covers a comprehensive teeth cleaning and polishing session, along with a host of valuable freebies.


Our skilled dental professionals will provide a thorough cleaning and polishing session, tackling stains and revitalizing your smile for a refreshed and polished look.

You’ll receive our premium Sabka Dentist Toothpaste, valued at Rs.199, absolutely free. This toothpaste is carefully crafted to enhance your daily oral care routine, ensuring a brighter smile.

The treatment voucher can be applied towards future dental treatments at Sabka Dentist. Simply present the voucher during your next visit, and dentist will explain you the rest.

Appointments for the SD Smile Fest are subject to availability. We recommend booking your slot as soon as possible to secure your place and enjoy the exclusive benefits.

Yes, the SD Smile Fest offer is available at all Sabka Dentist Clinics. You can choose any convenient location to experience the benefits of this exclusive festive offer.

The SD Smile Fest is a limited-time offer. To take advantage of this exclusive opportunity, we encourage you to book your appointment promptly and secure your spot.

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