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The beauty of a smile depends much on the quality of the teeth. If the teeth are stained, yellow, or any brownish marks then the smile does not look good. Teeth cleaning is the way to remove the stains, yellow and brownish marks from teeth. You can visit the nearest branch of Sabka dentist to get the teeth cleaning treatment to make it appear whiter.

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Good brushing and flossing habits, and all other methods of taking care of your oral health at home, may seem more than enough for that perfect oral health. Howsoever, that isn’t always the case. Plaque and tartar are two things that subtly crawl and settle on your teeth, irrespective of the best oral health routine maintenance. Sometimes, a toothbrush is unable to reach the small gaps and remove any infection caused by food debris, and in scenarios like these, professional teeth cleaning becomes a compulsion.

Who is this treatment for?

Teeth Cleaning in Navi Mumbai
The other name for the teeth cleaning method is oral prophylaxis. Although teeth cleaning is meant for each and every individual, it is specially designed for the individuals who smoke, chew tobacco, who have tartar and plaque particles settled on their teeth, bad breath, bleeding gums, etc. These are usually the main causes that accentuate serious oral health disorders, and to prevent that, oral prophylaxis is required.

What is teeth cleaning?

It is as simple and as easy as it sounds. Being a very basic procedure, teeth cleaning is a non-surgical technique wherein the dentist is highly trained in eliminating the waste items such as tartar, plaque and bacterial toxins that have settled on the teeth, causing the yellowness as well as bad breath. This is unpleasant, in the aspect of appearance as well as odor.

Reasons to get teeth cleaning regularly:

There is nothing like natural teeth. So, in order to prevent them from falling off, precautionary steps should be taken right from the start. Infection in the mouth spreads as quick as wildfire and hence, oral health needs to be prioritized right from the start. Eliminating any chance of oral diseases, teeth cleaning offers many more benefits which are listed out below :
  1. Prevent cavity formation: Cavities are usually formed as a result of stuck food debris in vacant gaps. This debris invites bacteria, which penetrate deep into the inner layers, causing damage to the pulp of the tooth. This is blocked by dentists, as they perform the teeth cleaning procedure, getting rid of the debris and bacteria once and for all.
  2. Getting rid of bad breath: The food that accumulates in the small gaps between your teeth, and stirs up an infection, or the plaque that starts forming on your teeth, are the two main causes of bad breath. Riddance of this is through the process of teeth cleaning.
  3. Prevention of bacteria: Plaque, tartar and food pieces stuck in gaps create a home for bacteria. Teeth cleaning helps eliminate these initiators of bacteria, creating a clean and hygienic oral environment for teeth.

The procedure for teeth cleaning

Very efficiently performed, teeth cleaning is a procedure that the dental health experts at Sabka Dentist very carefully perform. Each element that is capable of inviting bacteria is removed using the teeth cleaning technique. It also helps in improving oral health on the whole. Sabka Dentist follows a very systematic and cautious procedure for teeth cleaning, constituting the following steps :
  1. Physical Examination: Necessary prior to any oral health procedure, a thorough examination or checkup is performed to detect the presence of bacterial toxins, plaque or tartar. The health of your gum line is also noted for any further signs of bacterial infection.
  2. Elimination of plaque and the gumline: Plaque present on the tooth is easily eliminated using an ultrasonic scaling device with sonic vibrations that help remove the plaque from the tooth surface. If there is a presence of tartar, then it is eliminated when the gum line is targeted by the dentist. An unusual noise is usually heard that is like a scraping noise. It is absolutely safe and normal to hear that noise. The duration depends on the amount of tartar present; the more tartar present, the more time it will take.
  3. Fluoride cleaning: This step is like exfoliating the skin with a scrub. The dentist uses a high-powered electric brush that helps in the deep cleaning of the teeth. It makes a grinding noise, as it penetrates into the remote area as well. Fluoride gel is then applied which has a consistency that is very gritty but also performs the function of a scrub. This gel also helps in the polishing of the teeth.
  4. Revaluation: Post the complex steps, the dentist will then ask you to rinse your mouth with water. The dentist then rechecks and revaluates if your mouth is completely clean. Other oral health problems, if present, are also checked by the dentist.

Visits required for teeth cleaning:

The more severe the matter, the more time required to resolve the issues. The idea is the same as the duration concerned with the teeth cleaning method. Usually, one visit is enough to finish off the procedure. But if an individual, has poorly maintained his oral health, or has enrolled in this procedure for the first time, it will require more than two visits at least. Dental equipment like an ultrasonic cleaning tip is used to penetrate into the areas the toothbrush can’t. The instrument exerts vibrations onto the teeth, which cause the tartar and plaque to loosen off and fall off. After extracting all the foreign elements, teeth polishing is also done for that extra shine.

Post-treatment care:

  • Avoid consumption of beverages or foods that may leave strong stains on your teeth surface.
  • Stop chewing tobacco, betel nuts, smoking to avoid discoloration of teeth and danger to oral health.
  • The teeth may be a bit more sensitive than usual after the treatment, and hence, a toothpaste that fights sensitivity is to be used for a while, post-treatment.

Things to remember:

  • Maintain your oral health and hygiene by brushing and flossing at least twice a day.
  • Routine dental checkups every six months; make it a habit.
  • Increase the consumption of water to stay hydrated as well as to flush out any food particles that may have accumulated in the small gaps.
  • Avoid the consumption of acidic foods, beverages like tea, coffee, and fizzy drinks.
  • Sticky foods should be neglected like pizza, chewing gum, candies, etc.
  • Do not treat your teeth as a bottle opener, or wrapper tearer, or to avoid biting fingernails, pen caps, etc.
Sabka Dentist Teeth Cleaning in Navi Mumbai has the most advanced and well trained dental health experts who keep your oral health as their top priority. Teeth cleaning is a procedure that is carried out on a regular basis, after making people aware of its importance. Serving each and every patient, Sabka Dentist makes one realize the importance of oral health, and also lists out the various consequences of neglecting your oral health and hygiene.
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