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When you have a missing tooth due to tooth removal or a falling tooth, it becomes very hard to deal with it. Food chewing and smiling are some of the problematic things that a person has to go through. Here, dental implant treatment is a nice solution for missing teeth. If you reside in Pune, you can find many branches of the Sabka dentist where you can get dental implant treatment.

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Dental Implants in Pune

Losing a tooth is something you never want, except when you’re a kid and you hope for the tooth fairy to come along! But when you’re an adult, and any teeth goes missing, you gotta get that situation handled and fixed almost instantaneously. The best way out is a dental implant.


A dental implant is an anchor that is positioned tightly and firmly onto the jawbone to withhold the faux teeth. It is the next best substitute for the root part of the natural teeth. They function very similarly to natural teeth and help in supporting crowns, bridges and dentures. Dental implants are a very durable and long lasting alternative to your missing or lost teeth.


There are special and skilled dentists assigned to this field of dentistry and they are known as Implantologists.  An implantologist gives boost to an individual’s confidence.


Losing a tooth also leads to the loss of one’s self-esteem as smiling becomes a thing which they avoid, because nobody wants to show hollow spaces in the mouth, right? Therefore, dental implants can help you boost your oral appearance as well as your confidence.


We, at Sabka Dentist, Pune, help patients regain their lost courage by giving them the perfect dental implant treatment.


What is the Dental implant procedure?

There are a numerous amount of alternatives or substitutes to fill up the hollow spaces in your mouth. But the most effective and valuable choice is a dental implant.


Dentists usually recommend dental implants instead of dental bridges, which are a combination of two or more dental crowns together or denture, which is a detachable dental prosthetic to fill or replace the missing or lost teeth.

Dental Implant procedure

What are the steps involved in the dental implant procedure?

A basic dental implant placement, and its surgery will be in accordance to and will depend on two things, namely, the dental implant that is to be utilized (brand of the dental implant and dimensions of the dental implant, i.e., size, length etc.) and the jaw bone structure, as it is to be hinged upon that.


The process of placing and installing a dental implant is a process that consumes a large amount of time since it has to take place in three different phases, over a time span of six months. The first phase, very simply, involves the basic part where the dental implant is drilled into the jawbone.


The second phase, is the recovery part and involves osseointegration, i.e. when a bone starts to build around the implant to fix or hinge it into the jaw. The third and final phase, involves the placement of a dental crown over the implant so as to make it appear like a natural tooth.


STEP 1 : Dental implant positioning/placement

A small surgery wherein the implant is drilled or screwed into the respective position in the jaw, is what happens in the first phase of the dental implant procedure. Sounds a bit terrifying and hence, this step is performed by highly trained implantologists and the patient is also injected with local anesthesia.


A scalpel, a dental instrument is used to cut open the way through your gums to allow the screw threads to push into the hole so as to match the threading on the implant. Once this threading work is matched, the implant is then finally screwed or drilled into the jaw, in its respective place.


Of course, the gums are not left open post this. They are then carefully surgically stitched and closed. This is done so that the area where the implant is screwed in, can heal nicely. The hollow space will still be visible as the implant will push below the jawline.


STEP 2 : Healing phase/osseointegration :

In this step/phase, the dental implant is finally fused into the bone as it has to form the base or also known as the root, of the missing or lost tooth. There’s no work done here necessarily and it is more of an observing phase, as the dentist waits and observes how much and how strong the bone has grown over time.


On confirming its stability, the dentist then moves on to the next phase of the dental implant procedure, that is, the phase where a dental cap or crown is placed on top of the implant for further protection and also for it to appear like a tooth.


STEP 3 : Seat of the implant

The next phase is placing the crown of course, but before that takes place, the surroundings have to be prepared for doing so. The abutment or seat or base is prepared for the crown to be placed on. The dental crown or cap is screwed or cemented on the abutment so it can comfortably sit and be fixed on it.


This again involves a minor medical surgery wherein the gums are cut open once again, so that the dentist can reach the dental implant. The abutments are positioned in such a way that they are on the dental implant. The gums are again stitched up to allow them to heal. Now a visible layer or the abutment will be seen by the naked eye.


STEP 4 : Getting an impression for the dental crown

The next step includes getting an impression of the dental crown so that it can precisely be fit on to the dental implant.


There are various types of crowns, such as metal, porcelain-fused-to-metal, all-ceramic, zirconia crowns, which are recommended by the dental expert and further chosen by the patient according to his/her budget and the material and longevity of the dental crown.


It takes a week to create the actual dental crown in the laboratory, and during that duration, a temporary crown may be fitted onto the dental implant.


STEP 5 : Placement of the dental crown

After receiving the dental crown from the laboratory, the dentist will examine if the dental crown fits to perfection. If there is any level of dissatisfaction or discomfort faced, the dental crown is sent back to make the necessary changes or create a new dental crown altogether.


However, this rarely happens, so if the dental crown fits to perfection, then no changes are generally required and the dental crown is then placed to precision. This completes the dental implant procedure and gives the dental implant, an appearance and functionality like that of a natural tooth.


What is Dental Implant cost in Pune?

If you are interested in learning more about the dental implant cost in Pune, continue reading. There are lots of factors which affect the price of dental implants, some of which have been shown below.


1. Number of tooth replacements – Naturally, replacing more teeth would cost you more. It’s always smart to check out the costs in your location, specifically if you have many teeth to get replaced.


Go for a dentistry clinic which is based out of a city where the normal cost would be on the cheaper side. For example, teeth replacement or dental implant cost in Pune would vary from the actual cost of dental implants in some other city.


2. Position of the tooth – The angle of the teeth to be replaced, the structure of your jaw, and also the position of the teeth to be replaced; all have an affect on the price of tooth implants.


3. Bone strength and density – A good bone strength and density is required for a successful tooth implant. If you have a low bone strength and density, initial bone grafts have to be carried out, that will raise the total price of getting a dental implant.


4. Location of the clinic – The location of the dental care hospital can even effect the cost of a tooth implant. For example, the tooth implant cost in Pune will vary from the tooth implant cost in some other location.


These are some basic factors which affect the price of getting dental implants. We hope that now you have a much better understanding of the cost of tooth implants in Pune, and also the factors affecting it.


Tell Me More About Getting A Dental Implant At Sabka Dentist, Pune

If you are one of those individuals who are particular about your dental care health treatment, you must choose the best when it pertains to dental care checkups and treatments. Sabka Dentist is consistently graded among the best option for dental implants in Pune.


At Sabka Dentist, people not just obtain top class therapy for their tooth troubles, but additionally get to enjoy the benefits of full mouth dental implants cost in Pune. No matter the background or career of an individual, we guarantee that all of our individuals sense at ease and face absolutely no concerns when it comes to teeth setting cost in Pune.


We are amongst the top dental clinic chains in Pune and have a legacy that is unparalleled by any other dental clinic in Pune, India. So, the next time you plan on visiting for tooth implants, we all should be at the top of your list of best dental implants in Pune.


Consider us your own ‘Apna Dentist’, and we can help you with your oral problems so that you can carry on and spread joy and happiness across with your wonderful smile.


The single-tooth implant cost in Pune can vary depending on the region and who is performing the procedure. Factors that affect teeth replacement cost in Pune are:

  • Number of Replacements
  • Location of the Tooth
  • Bone Density
  • The Need for Extractions
  • Overall Oral Health

But at Sabka Dentist all of us make sure that you don’t really feel the pressure of tooth implant cost in Pune. That’s why Sabka Dentist offers the best teeth replacement cost in Pune, which you can afford in first thought. Contact us today to discuss your smile or with questions regarding dental implants cost in Pune.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I go to work after my dental implant?

You may feel pain and discomfort after the dental implant procedure. The dentist may suggest you take a couple of days off to heal. If your treatment is too complex, you may need more time to heal.


Can I brush my teeth after my dental implant treatment?

Yes, you can continue to follow your dental routine after implant treatment. However, make sure to use a soft brush and be gentle around the implant side. Mouthwash gently so it does hurt the tissue around the implant.


Can I drink coffee after a dental implant?

After the dental implant procedure, your gums need time to heal. Drinking hot and cold beverages may hurt your tissues. Dentists recommend avoiding drinking coffee, tea or hot chocolate for a few days after the treatment.

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