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Dental implant treatment includes putting an artificial tooth to replace the missing tooth. The implant is fixed properly by drilling an anchor in the jawbone making a permanent solution for the missing tooth. If you are residing in Surat, then you can visit the nearest branch of Sabka dentist to get necessary dental implant treatment.

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A nail, when drilled into a wall, provides a stable and steady support for anything that we require to hang or affix on to it. Imagine, a quite similar procedure, only to replace a missing tooth in your mouth. This procedure of affixing and drilling in an anchor into the jawbone is known as fixing a dental implant. This implant serves as a strong and stable support for the artificial teeth, therefore, permanently solving the issue of missing, cracked, chipped or lost teeth. A rather more permanent solution, dental implants as compared to dental crowns, bridges, and veneers are a more comfortable and long-lasting technique to replace missing teeth. Teeth fall off due to numerous reasons, some of them being decay or infection in the tooth or gums, stress levels due to high pressure exerted while chewing and biting, deep cavities and bad oral hygiene maintenance. 

A vacant gap created due to a missing tooth cannot be left to thrive on its own, because it most definitely will not. In fact, it may lead to worse infection, or bacteria making an entry into the vacant area, causing the roots to get damaged, hence calling for a root canal treatment. A vacant gap can also lead to bad gum recession, and hence a skilled dentist, like the dentists at Sabka Dentist in Surat, will definitely recommend you to get a dental implant. The resemblance and the striking similarity of a dental implant to a natural tooth is almost unreal. It is usually said that a thing once lost or broken, cannot be fixed. However, that isn’t the case with a dental implant, because it assures to acquire back the functionality and the features of a natural tooth with a simple procedure.

What is the Dental implant procedure?

You may wonder why a dentist would suggest a dental implant as the next best alternative to a missing tooth? It is recommended only because of its durability and functionality that it is the chosen method by most of the dentists. However, conventionally, a dentist would also suggest dental bridges, which is basically a prosthetic consisting of two dental crowns or dentures, joined together. Dental bridges are also an effective method of replacing lost teeth.


What are steps involved in the dental implant procedure?

A lot of significance is devoted to two main part in the dental implant procedure: the dental implant that is to be made use of, and the anatomy of the jawbone. Because we do not what any metals to react or stir up an infection, the anchor chosen is usually titanium as it is a highly corrosive metal. Three very basic yet detailed phases are involved in the dental implant procedure. The very first phase involves the fusing of the dental implant into the jawbone. The second phase is more like a recovery phase or osseointegration, a process wherein the bone starts forming around the implant securing it precisely to the jaw. The third phase is mostly the finishing touches, in which a dental crown placement is involved to give it the look of a natural tooth.

STEP 1: Placing the dental implant

In the first step, a minor surgery takes place as the dental implant is to be placed, with accuracy, into the required area. Because the dental implant is screwed into the bone of the jaw, local anesthesia is injected into the area to numb it and make sure the patient has no pain throughout the surgery. Scalpel, a dental instrument, is used to cut and split open the gum flaps, so as to match the screw threads to that of the dental implant. Very carefully, the gums are then sowed back to enable the implant to heal, slowly and steadily, after which it starts shifting below the jawline.

STEP 2 : Retrieval period/osseointegration

On shifting below the jawline, the dental implant finally meets the jawbone and is fused into it. This makes way for the second step, which required the patient to do nothing at all. Also known as the waiting phase, here the recovery is noted by implantologists on the basis of how quickly and how much the bone has actually developed around the dental implant. A period of three months is considered to see the stability and strength of the dental implant. On absolute amalgamation of the dental implant to the jawbone, the third step is then performed.

STEP 3: Seat of the dental crown

A dental crown cannot be simply placed. As it acts as the face of the product, that is the lookalike of a natural tooth, the dental crown needs a firm base or seat to sit upon. The dental crown is very firmly cemented upon the abutment or base, prepared by the dentist. However, since the base will be below, the gums are required to be cut open again, so as to get in touch with the dental implant. The base is then fused on to the implant. Since the base is usually metal, it starts protruding out, through the gums, and is then clearly visible.

STEP 4: Impression of a dental crown

A dental crown has to be created to perfection. The edges, the size, shape, color, every aspect has to be double-checked. The impression of the abutment, the adjacent and surrounding teeth, all have to be taken into consideration as it has to fit in like a missing piece in a puzzle. The different kinds of dental crowns include all-metal, all-ceramic, porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) and zirconia crowns. They differ in the materials they constitute and their price range. The impression of the dental crown is taken only after two weeks of setting of the abutment. A dental laboratory or the dental clinic itself is where the impression is sent, until which a temporary crown is placed for additional safety.

STEP 5: Placement of the dental crown

For the final touch, the dental crown is then placed cautiously. However, this also requires high accuracy, and hence a trial is done by the dentist to see if the dental crown fits perfectly, and if it does, it is then cemented onto the abutment. Mostly unlikely, at least at Sabka Dentist, in the case of an irregular fit, the dental crown is returned to the laboratory or clinic for the required changes, and after the necessary corrections, the dental crown is finally, permanently placed on the abutment. This puts an end to the dental implant procedure, giving it the appearance and functionality of a natural tooth.

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