Is dental surgery safe for pregnant mothers?

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Pregnancy is a highly important moment in your life. However, it brings some restrictions in terms of the diagnosis of diseases and the treatment. It is because there are certain drugs that are not suitable for pregnant women.

Similarly, there are some treatment procedures such as radiography that may cause harm to the fetus.


It is the reason people, especially pregnant mothers, have doubts and fears about dental treatment during pregnancy.

Is it safe? What if the dental surgeon proposes some surgical treatment such as wisdom teeth surgery?


It is okay to give consent for that.

Well, these are situations that are quite common. Let’s try to find out the truth.

Dental treatment can be done at any time


As far as dental experts are concerned, they say that it is possible to undergo dental treatment anytime during pregnancy.

However, the best and safest time is during the second trimester. It means between the 14th week and 20th week.


One should always remember that any dental infection or swelling needs immediate intervention. Get it checked and treated properly.


If you avoid or delay the same, then the consequences will outweigh the probable risks of medications used during the treatment.


When the doctor knows that you are pregnant, he will obviously use the safe methods of diagnosis and investigation. No doctor will take any risk that could harm the mother and the baby.

And if it is a minor issue such as wisdom teeth surgery, then it can be done without any hassles.


Doctors take precautions while deciding on the fillings. During pregnancy, non-mercury fillings are used. It is to avoid the possibility of mercury exposure to the woman.

If there is already a mercury filling in some tooth, then it should be removed and replaced with a non-mercury filling.

When the doctor should be informed about pregnancy?

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Even if it is the first week, your dental expert must know that you are pregnant. You should tell the doctor how far along you are.


Give him details of the existing medications prescribed by your physician. Are there any specific drug allergies? If yes, then your dentist must be aware of that.


In one condition, which is a high-risk pregnancy, the patient must tell the dentist about the pregnancy. It is because there are various limitations in high-risk pregnancies about medication.


The best thing is to sync the dentist and the physician. They are in a much better position to discuss and decide the treatment plan.


If it is better to postpone the dental treatment, then your doctors may decide about that.

In general, minor dental issues such as wisdom teeth surgery are safe, and they can be performed during the second trimester.

What could be the problems during the pregnancy?

Pregnancy might make some dental problems worse. Or some new problems might get triggered because of pregnancy.

Among the common dental problems during pregnancy, Pregnancy Gingivitis is one. Since hormonal changes take place in this period, gums get inflammation.


Gingivitis leads to other complex issues.

During pregnancy, the risk of tooth decay is higher. Due to Morning Sickness, the teeth are exposed to more amounts of acid.


It causes the decay of outer covering.

If the affected tooth is a wisdom tooth, then doctors recommend wisdom teeth surgery if there is no other choice. It is possible to undergo this treatment, but it is important to weigh the risk factors.


When doctors feel that it is possible to delay the surgery, they handle the situation with medicines.

It is the duty of the patient to keep the doctor informed about the pregnancy. It helps the doctor to decide on  the treatment plan.

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