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Root canal treatment is one of the painful dental treatments that mostly become necessary in some cases. Although the procedure in the root canal treatment might be considered painful, actually it is the infection that is more painful.

The pain is more experienced when the root canal treatment procedure is done for removing the infection. However, it is not possible for the patients to decide whether the root canal treatment is necessary or not, only dental experts can confirm it after inspection.

Despite the fact that root canal cost is a little higher compared to other dental treatments, it becomes important.

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment removes the infected root canal tissues and pulp from the decay in the tooth. This removes the infection and relieves the pain caused due to the treatment process.

Is the root canal treatment very painful?

Although root canal treatment is more popularly known to be one of the most painful treatment processes, it is not all that true. It certainly pains during the root canal treatment, however, the patients are already going through the pain before the treatment.


This pain is mainly due to the infection caused in the pulp and the root canal tissues. Usually, this infection is caused due to excessive tooth decay that reaches the root. 

The pain is bound to happen as the infected canals need to be cleaned. However, anesthesia is given prior to the proceeding of the root canal treatment to numb that area. This minimizes the pain during the root canal treatment process and the patient is relatively at ease.

The complicated process followed during the treatment is one of the main reasons for high the root canal cost compared to the cost of other dental treatments. After the root canal treatment, it is recommended to apply an ice pack from outside the face where the treatment is done.

Further, you need to avoid eating from the side where the treatment is done and eat only soft food items. The dentist will also provide proper medications after the completion of the treatment to reduce the pain.

What are the reasons for doing root canal treatment sooner?

It is true that you cannot delay the root canal treatment or else it might lead to different complications later.

Here are some main reasons for getting the root canal treatment soon:

Avoid throbbing toothache

When the pulp infection causes excessive tooth decay, it reaches the pulp of the tooth. If the infected pulp and tissues are not removed, it will spread to the root of all the teeth that may infect the gums.

Save the teeth

More decay in the teeth can ultimately lead to the removal of the tooth. However, if the root canal treatment is not done soon then teeth removal becomes necessary. 

Tooth injury treatment

When there is sudden injury or trauma to the teeth due to any reason, it can infect the tissue and the pulp section. In this case, the tooth does not receive blood flow which can deteriorate the tooth, gums, and other nearby regions. 

Bacteria can reach the bloodstream

If the infected pulp is not cleaned with the root canal treatment, then it can go deeper over a period. This can cause bacteria to enter the bloodstream which can spread to the other parts of the body. It can cause different types of illness in the person. 

Lead to other teeth sensitivity

When the infected pulp and tissues are not removed soon with root canal treatment, then it will cause tooth sensitivity in the nearby region. A person will cause sensitivity while eating or drinking hot, cold, or sweet items.

Are there any alternatives for root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is one of the better treatment options for getting rid of the infected pulp and teeth. In case, if you are not ready for the root canal treatment then ultimately the tooth needs to be removed. The final decision is done with proper advice from the dental expert’s suggestion.

If the tooth structure and other related complications are more, then the root canal treatment process may need two or more visits too. However, this treatment can also be done in a single visit too.

The root canal cost will depend on the complexities involved in the treatment. Getting the root canal treatment soon can help you avoid other dental problems. It can keep your overall health in better condition.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Jena Shah Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "When the teeth get more decayed and infection causes in the pulp section, then root canal treatment becomes necessary. The root canal cost will depend on the different factors as per the complications."

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