What Does a Genuine, Successful Smile Look Like?

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A smile is one of the essential expressions for any person. A person smiles when they are happy, showing gratitude, confidence, taking photos, etc. Apart from these, a smile also relieves the person from stress and impacts the person more positively.

However, a smile must not look forcefully applied, it must be more genuine. So the main question here is, What does a Genuine, Successful smile look like? How do I achieve this? Well, we will be looking in more detail about it here.

What is the perfect smile as per the science?

As all human faces are different, there is not a single path to a Successful smile for a person. There are a few parameters on which a beautiful smile looks.

It depends on the extent of the smile, mouth angle balance, how many white teeth are visible while smiling, etc. There are a few things that a smile can be categorized as “pleasant or creepy”, “genuine or fake”, etc.

A study was conducted to rank the smile as poor, bad, neutral, good, and very good. The study has also noted a few aspects of the unpleasant smile and pleasant smile. These aspects clearly show the difference between an unpleasant smile and a pleasant smile.

Unpleasant SmilePleasant Smile
The mouth angles are wider while smiling here.The mouth angles are around 14 to 17 degrees.
The smile width is smaller that appears a little like a fake smileThe smile width is a little extended from half to more than half.
This type of smile sometimes creates the expression of fear.For a small mouth, shows lesser teeth.For a bigger mouth, show more teeth.


When to use the smile properly?

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A genuine smile can help in many circumstances that can be very beneficial. Here are some of the possible situations where you can use the genuine beautiful smile:

  • If there is an unnecessary hostile situation and you want to avoid violence, then a genuine smile can calm the situation.
  • If a random stranger starts yelling at you or talking rubbish with you, then a smile can make them feel awkward, and there are more possibilities of stopping it.
  • When you are selling a particular product or service, then a smile is a powerful asset to have a positive impact.
  • A situation when your colleagues or known person trying to put you in an awkward situation, making you feel uncomfortable. Here a smile can minimize its negative effect and make you feel better.
  • When you start a new work, a genuine smile will motivate your team members and show confidence in you.
  • While you want to take a stunning photo. These are some of the situations where you can use a genuine smile to have a positive impact around you.

Here are some ways that can make your smile appear better:

Successful Smile

1. Teeth whitening
One of the primary aspects of a beautiful smile is whiter teeth. If the teeth are not whiter then the smile appears a little wearer. So, get the teeth whitening treatment soon to improve the quality of your smile.

2. Resolving gum problems
You can easily observe the gum line of some people while they are smiling. So, if you have any gum problems, then it is necessary to cure them and improve the gums. Even if your gums are not visible while smiling, A healthy gum makes your smile look better.

3. Amount of teeth while smiling
When you are smiling, consider the number of teeth you are showing. Generally, for some people showing more teeth looks better, and for some, showing few looks better.

4. Smile exercise
Some smile exercises can improve the quality of your smile. These exercises are simple and easy to do and can improve the quality of the smile over a certain period.

Understanding the quality of the smile helps in taking the essential steps to improve its quality. A genuine quality smile can make you look better.

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