Why Are Metal Braces No More the Right Choice for Teeth Alignment?

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If you had to pick between a desktop and a laptop or a basic phone and a smartphone, the choices are clear, aren’t they?


You are more likely to pick the more advanced technology available to you over the older one. This logic applies to medical and dental technology, techniques, materials, and procedures.


metal braces


Take, for example, braces. Traditionally, teeth alignment using orthodontics was primarily done using metal braces. Though ceramic braces came up as an alternative due to a demand for aesthetic braces, they still had some components of metallic braces, and orthodontists still prefer to use metallic wires in them.


However, if an individual wish to undergo teeth straightening today, they have the choice of picking clear aligners– the most advanced technology and alternative to metallic braces that assure discrete treatment and accurate results!


What Makes Clear Aligners the Preferred Choice for Teeth Straightening?

Let’s understand a bit more about the science and technology that goes behind making clear aligner treatment the most exquisite teeth straightening service in modern times:


Technical precision

Clear aligners are discreet and non-intrusive teeth straightening devices that enable patients to get their dream smile. But, for the benefits that it offers to people, it needs to be fabricated using technical precision and accuracy.


Clear aligners like SD Align are made using digital processes – from 3D intraoral scanning to 3D printing and fabrication. Clear aligners are customized sets of trays delivered with a smooth finish and 100% transparency to enable zero visibility when worn and ease of cleaning.


High-quality raw materials

High-quality materials are used to fabricate these trays to give clear aligners a superior finish and make them bring about precise and calculated movements.


At SD Align, we use FDA-approved PETG material to fabricate all our clear aligners to ensure all accurate and quick results.


Complete software support

While traditional forms of braces are pre-fabricated, clear aligners are software-guided from the beginning. When you visit your orthodontist for the first appointment, they will take a 3D intraoral scan to capture your teeth alignment, bite relations, and other clinical findings.


The orthodontists at the laboratory study these images along with the x-rays to determine a treatment plan for you.


This treatment plan is then shared with you and your orthodontist, which includes stepwise movement of teeth and the final result. Once you approve the plan, the simulation and measurements are used to digitally fabricate your aligner trays.


With software-guided calculations and support, clear aligners assure high success rates.


Expert guidance and opinion

Most credible and certified companies, like SD Align, have on their panel experienced orthodontists who are trained in treating orthodontic cases using clear aligners.


Software guidance, orthodontic supervision, and opinion allow us to ensure the best results through clear aligners.


Why are Clear Aligners Clear Winners Over Metal Braces?

For those of you wondering why clear aligners are a clear winner over metal braces, here are some compelling reasons:



One of the biggest distinguishing factors between clear aligners and metallic braces is that the aligners are transparent and almost invisible when worn, even from very close distances.


SD Align’s clear aligners are made from high-quality PETG aligners that do not stain and remain discreet throughout your treatment.



removable braces treatment


Unlike metallic braces that are fixed and inconvenient, clear aligners are removable. This allows you to eat all you like throughout your treatment without any restrictions.


Since these trays are removable, brushing and flossing during treatment is convenient. However, you must wear your aligners for at least 22 hours daily for optimum results.


Painless and comfortable

Metallic braces are often equated with causing pain and discomfort due to the brackets and wires. Most people undergoing treatment with metallic braces will experience cuts and ulcers on the inner side of their lips, cheek, and tongue.


However, since clear aligners are smooth trays, they are painless and very comfortable.


Fewer orthodontic visits

You will need to visit your orthodontist once every three to four weeks with traditional braces. With clear aligners, you can expect fewer visits and consult your orthodontist once every four to six weeks.


During these visits, your orthodontist will assess and evaluate each tooth’s movement and if your treatment is going as per plan.


The Bottom Line

Since clear aligners are a newer treatment, most people are hesitant to pick them over traditional metal and ceramic braces. However, clear aligners are the most effective braces options for teeth straightening today.


With Indian-bred aligner brands like SD Align, you can now avail of clear aligner treatment at affordable costs with easy payment options

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