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Your teeth are precious. It is important to keep them in the pink of their health. However, people experience trouble with their teeth despite taking good care. 

The first sign of a problem is a toothache. It causes discomfort and makes it difficult to chew. 

One should not ignore the problem or suppress it by taking off-the-shelf medicines. It could resolve the problem temporarily, but the problem keeps on spreading on the teeth deep inside. The infection spreads in the pulp and eventually leads to tooth decay and tooth loss.

There are several treatments available. Amongst that, teeth root canal treatment is considered a better option. 

Most commonly the molar teeth experience tooth decay because they have a major role in chewing. When there is an infection in the pulp, doctors perform a molar root canal to resolve the issue.

Root Canal treatment

A root canal is not painful

It is a common belief that root canal treatment is painful. It is a misconception. Modern dentistry uses sophisticated and advanced procedures so that the patient does not feel any pain during the process.

Root canal treatment removes the pulp tissues that consist of blood supply and the nerves in the tooth. Doctors remove the tissues and fill the pulp area with suitable material and eliminate the chances of bacteria development.

Root canal treatment-the procedure

A root canal treatment removes the infection in the pulp cavity of the tooth. Before getting into the procedure, doctors perform an assessment of the teeth. An X-ray is taken and reviewed by the dentist. 

If the assessment reveals that the tooth is strong enough and it can deal with root canal treatment, then the decision is taken. 


The infected tooth is made numb by giving anesthesia. Thus, the specific portion avoids the pain. The cavity is removed by drilling the tooth up to the root. The infected pulp is taken out using special instruments. 

Once the area is cleaned, a suitable dental material is filled in the cavity. It secures the area from further infection of bacteria. 

After filling the cavity, the root canal dentist covers the tooth with a suitable crown so that it remains protected. 

Though the treatment is absolutely painless (because the place is made numb), patients may experience some pain once the effect of anesthesia goes away.

However, this pain can be managed by taking the painkillers prescribed by the doctor. 

How much time does it take?


Usually, the treatment is done in multiple sittings. It depends on the suitability of the patient and the level of severity. However, advanced techniques have made it possible to complete the root canal treatment in an hour in a single sitting.

A root canal specialist or an endodontist is technically equipped to hand;e this procedure and the patient can be treated in lunch break and go back to work immediately.

The patient has to take a few precautions for the next three weeks. 


  • The patient should avoid chewing hard food as it could hurt the tooth, e.g. potato wafers, beetle nuts, nuts, etc. Soft food is recommended during these days. The best way is to avoid the side where the treatment has been done.
  • It is essential to be gentle while brushing and flossing on the area nearby the root canal treatment. Thus, you will help it to heal faster. 
  • Avoid rinsing harshly or with force. Use a mild mouthwash so that the root canal does not get impacted.
  • Take the prescribed painkillers and antibiotics. It will speed up the recovery.

You need to follow any specific instructions given by the dentist. It has been seen that the root canal treatment does not cause any complications if the patient follows the instructions properly. Issues happen only due to negligence and carelessness.



Root canal treatment is necessary when the soft tissue inside the root canal, commonly called pulp gets infected. There is an inflammation in the tissue due to deep decay or cracking or chipping in the tooth.

Sometimes, injuries can also cause inflammation and infection. If it is kept untreated, then there is pain and eventually, it results in the loss of the tooth.

The treatment is performed in one or multiple sittings, as the case may be. Recovery happens within a few weeks and the patient has to follow certain precautions. 

The procedure is painless and easy. It makes the tooth healthy and strong again.

If you want to get rid of the severely infected pulp in the tooth then root canal treatment is one of the effective ways to do it. In this treatment, the infected pulp is cleaned and relevant dental fillings are done.

The root canal treatment cost is much affordable when compared to the treatment given by it.

Here are some factors responsible for root canal treatment cost:

Experience and expertise

Every professional will have their own charges for the service they provide. So, depending on the experience and expertise, the dentist will charge accordingly.

Severity and complications

Generally, the cost for root canal treatment is the same for a particular dental clinic. However, depending on the severity and complications, costs vary.

Number of appointments

Now the root canal treatment can be done in one appointment also. However, if the complication is more than it can take more sittings increasing the cost.


The cost of the same root canal treatment can vary from region to region.

Sabka Dentist has an affordable cost for the root canal treatment.

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