What Are Different Types Of Braces Treatment Options?

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Are you looking to go with braces treatment and confused about which options to choose? If yes, then you will get to know about different types of braces treatment options here.

Teeth misalignment problems can be treated with Orthodontic treatment with braces. They can correct the teeth misalignment and help you achieve straightened teeth.

You also have some choices for different types of braces treatment. You can choose braces treatment as per Orthodontist’s suggestion and your choice.

What are the different types of braces treatment?

There are four major types of braces treatment options.

Here are some main types of the braces treatment for teeth misalignment treatment:

Traditional metal braces

This is one of the traditional types of metal braces where the metallic material is used. They are made of metal brackets that are tucked on each of the teeth and they are connected with an archwire.

All of them work together, to move the relevant teeth in the desired positions. These braces are easily visible when the mouth is opened and have a relatively lower cost.

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces have a similar structure as that of metal braces, the only difference is that they are made of ceramic material. They work in similar patterns to give the desired results.

Ceramic braces are not easily visible when the mouth is opened due to its resemblance with the teeth color.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are made of metallic material, the only difference is that they are put in the inner part of the teeth. They work inwards on the teeth to achieve the desired results. As they are put in the back of the teeth, they are not easily visible when the mouth is opened.

SDalign [Invisible braces]

SDalign are custom-made invisible braces that are not visible easily and cannot be easily noticed when the mouth is opened. They are a set of trays that are custom-made for each patient as per their teeth structures.

Another benefit of SDalign is that they are easily removable adding convenience for the user.

These are some of the braces treatments for correcting teeth misalignment problems. With straightened teeth, you can achieve an improvement in your smile along with better dental health.

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  • Dr. Madhura Kolhe Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Brace treatment is the ultimate solution for treating misaligned teeth problems. Metallic braces, Ceramic braces, Lingual braces, and SDalign [Invisible braces] are the different types of braces treatment options."

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