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Are you planning to go with the Orthodontic treatment? You probably might be having a problem while making the decision regarding the type of treatment. The main aim of any Orthodontic treatment is making proper teeth alignment.


Also, the other aim includes improving the bite, functioning of the jaw, and improving the smile appearance of the individual.


When you go for Orthodontic treatment, you can get multiple options for the treatments. Although all options desire the same results, still, the process of the treatment differs a little. Depending on the suitability and budget, a person can look for a particular treatment. Here, we will look more particularly into clear braces and the SDalign.

What are clear braces? Aligners for Teeth

Clear braces are made from ceramic, they are either transparent or color like that of the teeth. This makes it difficult to detect the braces by any third person. Here, the treatment is the same as that of the metal braces that can give similar results.

What is SDalign Invisible Braces? SDalign-braces

SDalign invisible braces is the braces that can be removed when required and are clear which resembles the color of the teeth making it difficult to detect by any third person.


From the above explanation, you can understand their basic features along with the basic difference. However, there is a wide list of differences between both that we will be looking into shortly.

What are the differences between the two?

Although clear braces and SDalign have a common property of being the same color of the teeth, they have some differences.

Here are some of the differences between clear braces and SDalign invisible braces:

1. Material used in making

Clear braces are made of ceramic material that can either be a transparent or similar color to that as the teeth. SDalign is made of different material that is stronger which is capable of eating more hard food.

2. Removable

Clear braces cannot be removed frequently as it is similar to that of the traditional metal braces. So, these braces need to be kept for a prolonged duration until any breaking of braces or until the next visit to the Orthodontist.


SDalign can be removed frequently and can help to clean and brush the mouth by removing it. Here, after the removal of the clear braces, they need to be put again in the position with proper care.

3. Cost

The cost of the clear braces is a little lesser than the SDalign. So, the person can make the proper choice as per their budget for the treatment. However, the higher cost of SDalign may deter some people from going ahead with this treatment. The value and comfort of the SDalign are really worthy of the cost applicable.

4. Effectiveness of treatment

Mostly, the treatment given by both is found to be a better one. When compared to the overall success rate, clear braces have given more success rate. It is mainly due to treatment the same as that of the metal braces.


When it comes to the SDalign, it has also given nice results. However, people need to be very careful while removing and putting up the SDalign properly. 

5. Treatment process

In clear braces, the Orthodontist will check the position of the bite. Here, they will check the teeth movement and make the preparation for the clear braces properly. As per the size, the clear braces are made and fitted in the mouth.


The treatment process will range between 12 to 24 months. The person may feel some discomfort occasionally. However, it can be corrected with the adjustment from the Orthodontist properly.


In SDalign, the Orthodontist will check the position of the bite and the gum condition to ensure easy removal and putting it properly. The treatment process here can range between 18 to 24 months. The person might feel discomfort in the initial stage. However, after some period they can feel better.

How to choose between Clear braces and SDalign Invisible braces?

As we can see that both of them give better results for the treatment, the decision is up to a person. They can check the suitability as per the Orthodontist’s suggestion. Finally, they can check the budget and make the decision for going with proper treatment.


The method does not matter much, it is only the proper treatment that can give better results. Taking proper care during the treatment is important for getting desired results. Both Clear braces and SDalign are effective treatments and you can get perfectly aligned teeth by taking any of the treatments.

Expert's Opinions

  • Dr. Rupali Gujar Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "A proper teeth alignment can be achieved by taking proper care of the treatment process. Dental experts suggest early Orthodontic treatment to improve the smile. Clear braces and SDalign treatment differ to some extent. A person can go with any Orthodontic treatment as per their choices."

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