How to fix the gap in front teeth?

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Although it is true that the real beauty of the person lies from inside, it is always nice to have a better smile. Some people can make themselves feel more confident with a better smile with nice dental health.


However, some people find it difficult to achieve a better smile. There are many of the reasons behind it, the gap in the teeth is one such reason for hindering people from getting a better smile.


Earlier people could not do anything about the problem of gap teeth. However, now the improvement in technology has made it possible to close the gap in teeth through Orthodontic treatment. The use of braces for gap teeth can achieve covering the gap in the teeth and achieve a better smile. In the dental world, the gap in the front teeth is called diastema.


This problem is one of the common problems observed among many people. Many people have successfully fixed gaps in teeth with the proper Orthodontic treatment. This treatment usually incurs a long duration where you need to visit the Orthodontist on a proper routine basis.

What are the reasons behind the gap between teeth?


teeth gap

The gap between the teeth never happens suddenly. It happens over a certain period of duration. Some of the common reasons for it are:

  • Smaller size of some teeth and other teeth being a bigger size
  • Missing the tooth
  • Larger jaws and missing teeth
  • Thrusting of the tongue
  • Thumb sucking habits in the childhood

What are the ways to do front teeth gap filling?

Following different treatment techniques, it is easier to close the gap in teeth. It can help to get proper teeth alignment and achieve a nice smile. Several treatments to fix gap in teeth are:

Initially, the dental expert will assess the position of the teeth and their alignment properly. They will also determine the causes of the gap in the teeth.


After analyzing the situation and the cause, they will suggest the option for the treatment. One of the most common types observed is the space between the front teeth gap. The fleshy and thick labial frenum is mainly responsible for the gap between these teeth.

Treatment options for the close gap in teeth:

1. Aligners braces


Aligners braces

Aligners are the kind of braces that are used for the treatment of gap teeth. These treatments are particularly looked upon as permanent types of treatment. 


Aligners can treat the bigger gaps between the teeth easily. Compared to the traditional braces treatment, the aligners are costly and take more duration completion. However, it has better chances of getting the desired results. Aligners can also solve the nearby crooked teeth problem, helping to achieve a better smile for the person.

2. Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding is one of the easier ways to fix gaps in teeth. A resin of the tooth color is used here and then applied on the teeth. It is then hardened to make it look like a natural tooth.


These treatments will give the natural teeth view and will look more normal. However, dental bonding can treat smaller gaps and not bigger gaps between the teeth. Also, it is less troublesome for the patients, as it will need only fewer visits to the dental expert. It can be done in two or one visit also.

3. Veneers treatment

Here, the Porcelain veneers are used in most of the cases to fill the smaller gaps between the teeth. The Orthodontist can easily make the minor modifications needed for the treatment of the teeth gaps. Compared to the composite veneers, the porcelain veneers are much sturdier helping it to achieve more desired results.

4. Dental Implants


fix gaps in teeth

Dental Implants are also used to fix gaps in teeth where the gap is of a bigger size. Here, bridges, dental crowns, and dentures are used for replacing the missing teeth. During the process of the treatment, an artificial enamel tooth is inserted in the bone or gum area of the missing tooth. In dental implants, you have the option of removal or fixed tooth. These treatments are used in rare circumstances.


5. Braces with Orthodontic treatment

In this treatment, braces for gap teeth are used to fill the gap. After assessing the Orthodontist will fit the appropriate braces in the mouth that treat this problem. Along with front teeth gap filling, the braces treatment also helps to make the teeth alignment in symmetrical order.


Compared to other treatments, this treatment takes a longer duration to complete. So, these are some of the ways to fix the gap in front teeth. Depending on the condition, budget, and choice, any option can be used. A better dental expert can help to get better results. Make sure that you take the proper option to get better output.

Expert’s Opinions

  • Dr. Jena Shah Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “The smile of the person does not look good when they have a gap between their teeth. A dental expert has different options for the treatment of these problems. You can choose any of the options as per the suitability and choice. Ensure that you follow proper instructions while getting this treatment.”


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