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What are Orthodontic referrals?

Whenever an individual faces any oral health-related issues, most people go to the dentist. If there is a need for Orthodontist treatment then they approach them. So, whenever there is a need for the Orthodontic treatment, people ask for referrals from the dentists. However, the question is whether the referral is necessary before going to Orthodontists.

Is a referral necessary to go to the Orthodontist?

referral necessary to go to the Orthodontist

The answer is No. You can visit the Orthodontist without any referral from the dentist. The only problem here is to know their qualification and reputation of the Orthodontist. Make sure that the Orthodontist is ASO registered specialist and it must be near to your home or office to ensure that you can visit theirs quickly without disrupting much of the daily routine.

Why get a referral from the dentist?

Although the referral is not necessary, still if you have any of your regular dentists where you usually go in case of any problem and you do not have much idea of a proper Orthodontist then you can ask for the referral. Generally, the dentist refers to the Orthodontist with whom they have nice working relationships. Some dentists may refer to the Orthodontist who is expert in specific treatment. So, just to build up the confidence level in case of lesser knowledge, the referral can be asked from the dentist.

So do I need to get treatment from the Orthodontist referred by my dentist?

I need to get treatment from the orthodontist referred by my dentist

Surely no. You are not obliged to get the treatment from the Orthodontist which is referred by your dentist. You can do your research about the qualification, specialty, expertise, and reputation of the Orthodontist from whom you want to get treatment.

Is it fine to get multiple Consultations?

Yes. If you want to look at the different aspects before going for the Orthodontist treatment you can consult multiple Orthodontists. Make note, each of the Orthodontists will have their own consultation fees too which must be budgeted appropriately.

Will the treatment be started at the first appointment only?

treatment be started at the first appointment only

No. It is not possible for any Orthodontist to start the treatment at the first appointment without proper assessment of the Oral condition. At first, the Orthodontist will do some initial assessment like taking an X-ray photo of the mouth, 3D scanning of the teeth. It will give the insight and proper view of the situation of the mouth. They will check the irregularities and tell the type of treatment that must be done here. They will even give you options for the type of treatment like going for metallic braces, ceramic braces, etc. Here, you can take some duration and go for a particular treatment.

So, as per the suitability of your case, a particular type of appliance will be used. Generally, it takes about two to four weeks for the preparation of the appliance with which you must go for the treatment. So, you must take the decision of the treatment and start the treatment as soon as possible. Most Orthodontist will follow these procedures before going for the actual treatment. They can further give you a general short road map of the treatment in a proper way.

To get better Oral health, start looking for a better Orthodontist where you can visit more comfortably. It will ensure that you visit at proper appointments on this long journey.

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  • Dr. Jena Shah Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Getting better Oral health is very essential to ensure that you have a proper alignment of the teeth and a nice smile. It is not necessary for any referral for the Orthodontic treatment, you can do your research to choose a proper one for treatment."

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