Removal of braces earlier than scheduled and related complications

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Getting with the braces treatment is always a difficult task, as you need to deal with different complications. You will go through the Orthodontic treatment with braces when you have problems like crooked teeth, overbite, crossbite, improper jaw alignment, or any kind of teeth misalignment.


Braces treatment is one of the high levels of Orthodontic treatment that involves moving the teeth in the desired position. Generally, the braces time ranges from 12 months to 18 months. In some cases, the time also extends to about 24 months. So, if you want proper alignment of teeth after braces, it is not proper to remove the braces before the given time.  


There are some of the reasons for people to remove the braces before the given time period. It will be interesting to look at some of the problems experienced due to it.

What are the problems experienced during braces? braces

  • When you have braces, there is constant rubbing on the inner side of the cheek. It offends the soft tissues and causes some irritation while eating the food.
  • During braces, some people experience more sensitivity in the teeth than before. It probably might be due to difficulty in brushing the teeth.
  • Irritation to the lips during the treatment process.
  • Damage to the archwire will keep rubbing the cheeks and other parts of the mouth. It will propel the individual to remove the braces to get rid of the difficulty.
  • The tongue will constantly keep rubbing the braces. It is more particularly observed when you have the lingual kind of braces.
  • In case, if a person has a gum inflammation problem during the braces treatment then it can be very difficult to go along the braces comfortably.

So, any of the above or combination of the reasons might be the problem experienced by the individual. These problems may make people remove braces from teeth before the time period given.


However, in most cases Orthodontist does not suggest removing the braces before the given duration. It can create problems in the treatment process. You may not get the desired results from the Orthodontic treatment.

What problems can occur after teeth braces removal before a given duration?

Removal of the braces before the given duration cannot give the desired results for the teeth alignment. Apart from that, there will be different other oral health-related issues that can trouble the individual too.

Here are some of the problems that may occur on removing before braces time:

1. Undesirable teeth positioning

One of the greatest disadvantages of the removal of the braces before the given time is teeth get in the undesirable position. The Orthodontist gives the time frame for the braces by considering the teeth alignment. If the braces are removed before the time frame, your teeth would not have reached the proper position.

2. Chances of relapse

As the teeth are not reached in the required position and you remove the braces then there are chances of teeth getting relapsed in the original position. It is ideally a general appropriate calculation done by the expert while making the treatment with the braces, so removing early can relapse teeth straight away.

3. Extra sensitivity while eating Extra sensitivity while eating

It is normal to have some amount of sensitivity when you have more cold, hot, or sweet food or drink. However, if you remove the braces before the given duration, you can experience more sensitivity in the teeth when you eat cold, hot, or sweet. You may feel an extreme level of sensation while eating normally too.

4. Costlier further treatment

Removing the braces before the specific period can waste all the treatment efforts done on it. Here, you will lose the flow of the treatment and mostly you will have to go from the treatment process through level one. You need to go from all the processes of putting the braces to get the desirable results. It will increase your cost of the braces treatment for the whole process.


These are some of the common problems experienced when you remove teeth braces before time period. Apart from that, you may experience other oral health issues too related to the gums. So, it is always better to continue with the braces until the Orthodontist suggests removing. There may be very few cases where the Orthodontist may agree to the braces removal before the time frame is given.


In the Orthodontic treatment, the tooth moves in the desired position through the pressure exerted by the braces. It remodels the bone to move the teeth in the proper position. During the course of the braces treatment, there is constant remodel and rebuild of the jaw bone to take the teeth to move in the desired position.


Now, many of the new technologies have made it possible to reduce the braces time as much as possible. Braces treatment is a long-duration process that must be done under Orthodontist guidance properly.

Expert Opinion

  • Dr. Manan Dhulia Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "When you go for the Orthodontic treatment with braces, you have to put it for a longer duration. Orthodontists suggest highly on following proper guidelines during braces treatment. Do try to avoid removal of the braces before the given time frame. Removal of braces under the Orthodontist guidance can be beneficial.”

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