Basics of Dental Health: Signs, Types, Causes, and More

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Keeping up better oral health is a very difficult task that can be achieved by maintaining good oral hygiene habits. Poor oral health causes a lot of painful experiences along with other general health problems. Many people are unaware of the oral health basics that causes many of the issues like a tooth cavity, falling of tooth, gum disease, and other kinds of oral health issues. Keeping up good oral health is not just to be done for some duration, it is a lifelong commitment. It is easier to prevent most of the common oral health problems by following some of the basic oral hygiene habits. It will be interesting to look in more detail about the basics about oral health.

Why is the oral cavity important?

The oral cavity is one of the common oral health problems. Here, the cavity starts developing in a small region of the tooth and then spreads across the whole tooth. It is basically due to the plaque layer depositing on the tooth which is developed from the food we eat. Oral cavity leads to the tooth removal or fall of the tooth. It also causes problems like gum disease. So, taking the oral cavity seriously is important to avoid major oral issues.

What are the symptoms of oral health problems? oral health problems

Generally, it is better that you have a regular check-up from the dentist to check the oral health problems without waiting for symptoms. However, if you notice some of the common symptoms of oral health issues, you must never make it late for necessary treatment from a dental expert.

Here are some of the common symptoms of oral health problems:

  • Cavity development on the tooth is one of the common oral health problems.
  • Bleeding in the gums while brushing or chewing the food.
  • A very strong bad breath that mostly occurs due to some gum disease.
  • Toothache that causes pain in the tooth occasionally.
  • Sensitivity in the teeth while eating or drinking any cold, hot, or sweet food.
  • Pain in the jaw.
  • Loosening of the tooth causes several oral health issues.
  • Breaking or cracking in the teeth.

These are some of the common symptoms occurring in oral health problems. An immediate visit to the dentist is important when any of the symptoms are observed in the individual.

What are different types of oral health issues?

There are different types of oral health issues observed in the individual.

Some of the common types of oral health issues are mentioned below:

1. Gum disease

Gum disease is inflammation causing in the gums due to plaque build-up. It mainly occurs due to inappropriate flossing habits and brushing habits. Gingivitis is the common type of gum disease that causes bleeding gums, reddish marks, etc. on the gums. An untreated gum problem leads to a disease like Periodontitis that affect the jawbone.

2. Tooth decay Tooth decays

Tooth decay is one of the common oral health issues observed in many individuals. Here, the bacteria from the meal we eat start forming a plaque layer on the teeth that erodes the enamel layer on the teeth surface. This ultimately causes decay in the tooth that slowly starts destroying the whole tooth.

3. Sensitivity in the teeth

Sensitivity in the teeth is observed during eating or drinking cold, hot, or sweet things. Sensitivity in the teeth is also called “dentin hypersensitivity”. Normal sensitivity is common for any individual. However, problems occur when sensitivity is observed in mild cold, hot, or sweet things too.

4. Broken or cracked teeth

A tooth can be broken or cracked during eating or night grinding. This type of dental health must not be overlooked and immediate treatment is necessary.

These are some common types of oral health problems observed in a person. Apart from that, there are other types of oral health problems that must not be overlooked.

What are the causes of oral health problems?

Some of the common causes are observed in oral health that is responsible for the different problems.

Here are some common causes for oral health problems:

  • Inappropriate brushing habits cause bacteria to remain in complex areas of the mouth causing oral issues.
  • Eating or drinking more sugary food invites large bacteria development on the teeth. It further causes plaque to layer on teeth causing tooth decay and gum problems.
  • Habits like tobacco chewing and smoking erode the enamel layer of the teeth.
  • Avoiding regular dental check-ups can cause minor dental problems to a major one.

These are some common causes of oral health problems. However, there are other reasons too that can cause oral health problems for the person. Visiting a dental expert after every six months can help to know the minor dental issues. It is important to be educated regarding some of the dental hygiene for keeping oral health better.

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  • Dr. Jena Shah Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "It is important to understand some of the basics of oral health. Dental experts highly recommend maintaining proper oral hygiene. Knowing the symptoms, types, causes, and other aspects will help to keep up better oral health. A proper oral health condition can ensure better general health."

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