Is it possible to eradicate gum disease?

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Is it possible to eradicate gum disease?

Various studies have found out that gum disease is one of the common oral health issues among people. Although the depth of the gum disease can vary from one person to another, it is important to notice the minor problem too. Gum disease makes it difficult to eat hard food items, hot beverages, and several other issues. An untreated minor gum disease problem can lead to major gum disease or other oral health-related problems too. Gingivitis is the early stage of the gum disease problem, while, advanced gum disease causes the periodontitis problem.

Two major gum disease problems: gum bleeding


Gingivitis is usually caused by the thin layer of plaque, bacteria, or tartar development on the teeth. During the Gingivitis there are some common symptoms like swollen gums, red gums, bleeding gums, tartar build-up, sensitivity in teeth, etc. One thing must be noted that the person having this symptom does not mean definitely mean that person has Gingivitis. Also, if there is no such symptom then one cannot rule out the presence of Gingivitis. Some people, who have smoking habits, also have the possibility of gum disease. Some people with major Gingivitis may not show any of the symptoms of Gingivitis.

Ways to eradicate gum disease:

flossing teeth

1. Proper flossing and brushing daily can maintain good oral health and maintaining gum health.

2. Oral assessment at the regular interval after few months can provide you insight into the gum disease.

3. Avoiding acidic and sugary food can eradicate the gum disease problems.

4. Cutting back or quitting the smoking habit.

Periodontitis Periodontitis treatment

Periodontitis is the later stage of Gingivitis, so if the problem of Gingivitis is solved at an early stage then the Periodontitis problem can be solved. Periodontitis stage prevails the symptoms shown during the Gingivitis, however, the condition here deteriorates more. Once the bone area is loosened and affected the teeth falling is inevitable. Periodontitis leads to different health-related issues like diabetes and heart disease. It also affects during the pregnancy stage. Inflammation of the gums can also occur due to Gingivitis.

It is not easier to predict as to when it will go from the Gingivitis stage to the Periodontitis stage. Apart from the above mentioned reasons for the Periodontitis, different factors like lifestyle, medical conditions, eating habits, genetics, etc. also affect the Gingivitis and Periodontitis. If any of the family members had gum related problems then the possibility of gum disease is more. Periodontitis treatment is a very long process that can be done with the guidance of experts. The ways to eradicate the Periodontitis problem are the same as that of the problem of Gingivitis.

Apart from the above-given home remedies ways to deal with the problem of Gingivitis and Periodontitis, visiting the expert dentist can be more effective. The expert will assess the gum disease prevalence region and the severity of it. After assessing the severity of the problem they can guide you for the treatment.

Make sure that you do not take the symptoms of gum disease lightly, it can make Oral health problems more severe. Maintain good habits to achieve better Oral health.

Expert opinion

  • Dr Reena Waghela Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Gum disease is one of the important oral health problems that is very troublesome. Following some of the simple remedies can eradicate the gum disease problems. Regular visit to the expert for assessing the condition is necessary. Take little more efforts daily to eradicate the gum disease easily."

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