Bad, crooked, or crowded teeth always leads to rejection in life. It always affects the personality and appearance. People always prefer choosing the highway as it goes smoothly just like our teeth we expect them to be aligned which has any advantages and can change one's way of smiling

Bumpy ride or Highways !!??Which one would you choose??!!

A classical square like face with high standing skull, upright skeleton and prominent cheekbone and jaw bones that can accommodate straight teeth that hopelessly draw us to the face of famous actors/actresses, we often see people come to dental clinic and asking us to change their face profile in 15 mins as expecting dentist to do a magic on their misshapen teeth, but when dentist say it does takes an year to correct they go into fight-or- flight mode.

For better understanding, people choose highways rather than rocky roads and they don’t mind waiting at the long tracked que and paying extra rupees at tollgate to enjoy the smooth ride, the same applies to the teeth when it is crisscross like bumpy road it not only hampers the longetivity of oral hygiene but also the longetivity of toothbrush life. As a dentist I feel quite sad when people tell me they feel that their oral health is hopeless despite they do not take any steps to improve it.

When we pack 10 people in 10*10 square feet room, people die with suffocation the same way when we accommodate 16 teeth in small arch that leads to decay, major gum issues which increases their negative feelings that is when people become introvert, avoid taking selfies, wouldn’t be confident enough to talk to people in public .Moreover A diseased mouth can be a prediction for lower income job. They go for a job interview and all people can see is their severely broken teeth ,their bad teeth stand in the way of their getting a job with a good salary.

People spend days chasing the problems from behind rather than getting it in front of it and stopping it in its track, dental disease would continue to exists ,no matter how many dental fillings, teeth cleaning/scaling sessions ,root canal treatment and extractions that patient got it done that persist to stay until unless we remove the cause from the root. We do not need another treatment that simply hides the problem we need the solution .The uncomfortable truth is that most of dental issues arises from misshapen teeth ,when teeth are straight it becomes easy to clean rather than crooked one which creates pocket in between the tooth and becomes seed to the oral diseases.

Despite our undeniable obsession with good teeth, many of our mouth resembles a disaster zone and when teeth are misaligned  ,that follows the facial structure too. Crooked teeth indicate the poor growth of our upper and lower jaw bones which not only house our teeth but also contains other crucial structures like airways, vessels and the skeleton base for the brain. Many people think that the jaw is simply a mechanical device that allows us to crush and chew food, but the truth is that it does so much more. In one way or other ,the jaw has a significant effect on every other organ in the body.

An improperly formed maxilla may also have a deviated septum and narrow, obstructed nasal passages, airways that are essential to our breathing , when people have a high palate with crooked upper teeth ,their ability to breathe through their nose can be compromised. In same way the lower jaw shapes the lower airways and soft palate, its deficiency can cause major issues.

Looking at children today, you are likely to see long, skinny faces and slumped posture. Cramped upper teeth are a sign of a narrow palate encroaching on nasal airways which can cause slouching and mouth breathing.

Improper development of upper and lower jawbone leads to crooked teeth. Simply put the jaw bone are like platforms that the teeth have to grow out ,when the platform are not the right size or they are misshapen in some way, the teeth cannot grow in straight .It is as if the maxilla and mandible are the concrete foundations of seating sections in a stadium. If the concrete is distorted or the foundation is just small, you cannot install the seats in neatly aligned rows, they end up bunching together or jutting out at odd angles. How could anyone help people make their mouths and teeth strong and healthy, rather than just patch them up when something goes wrong? As parents, taking children at 12 yrs to dental clinic can avoid so many problems,

People think orthodontics is all about giving kids a straight smile by aligning the six front teeth in the upper and lower jaw but they are wrong, it is often associated with correcting occlusion, jaw and muscles and many other thing .When we are building a house ,we start by building foundations(jaw),then walls (muscles)then the roof so on and the last thing we work on is the interior which in our body’s case includes the teeth. Our body cannot start with the teeth and make sure they are straight because then it might not have enough material to build the foundation that would match them. It might throw the whole house off, so the body starts with the jaw ,it builds as best it can with the resources it has and at the end it installs the teeth, if the jaw ends up misshapen ,the only way the teeth can go in is crooked and that’s how they go in. We go to gym to shape our body, since we cannot take jaw to the gym we need to visit an orthodontics in growing stage of jaw so that they change bumpy ride into smooth ride for good.


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