Which is preferable: braces or tooth extraction?

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What option can be better: Braces or Tooth Extraction?

While you are going for any of the dental treatment, you first need to assess the Oral condition. It helps to know the severity of the problem and use a proper solution.


Now, for people who are particularly going for the Orthodontic treatment, they want to make the teeth alignment proper and improve Oral health. Here, most of the people have to go for treatment through braces. However, there are some options sorted out by the Orthodontist where braces or tooth extraction questions arise.

crooked tooth

In some cases, like overcrowding and a few other cases, the patient has to remove the teeth before putting up the braces. So, here the tooth extraction is unavoidable. In a case where the tooth becomes so decayed that it becomes difficult for the braces to fit in.


So, here the removal of the tooth is very necessary as it cannot withhold the braces making it difficult for the treatment. In many of the cases of protruding teeth, it becomes necessary for tooth extraction to ensure that the treatment is to give better results. Braces treatment needs to have teeth in fairly proper condition which can withstand the braces properly.

How about the braces and tooth extraction as long-term considerations?

tooth extraction

A dental expert always considers tooth extraction as the last option and the main aim is to save the healthy teeth. The tooth extraction decision is taken after realizing that it is not serving the purpose at all.


The removed teeth are the premolars which is helpful in breaking down the food particles. There is an increased strain on the teeth when the premolars are removed. It can lose the shape of that region and the functionality of the tooth may not work properly.


Removal of the tooth does have long-term implications and the removal of more teeth can have greater implications. It pulls the mouth back, changes the patients facial structure, and the face appears a little flattening. Tooth extraction can have a short-term benefit which helps in putting the braces at the proper place.


Removal of the teeth changes the area where the tongue is there where after some while, the patient tongue starts moving in the forward direction. In some cases, the front tooth moves slightly in the forward direction.


Considering all the cases, do not think that tooth extraction is of no use while putting braces. In some cases, the tooth extraction is inevitable and also wise while putting on the braces. In case of overcrowding, the tooth extraction was a very inevitable factor.

Is tooth extraction compulsory for SDalign treatment?


As SDalign are the removable type of braces, it is found that in many cases there was the need for tooth extraction. As you can remove the SDalign, it is very important that teeth must be in exact positions.


So, even if there is a slighter distortion tooth extraction becomes necessary. However, it is not always a case of tooth extraction in SDalign. In many cases, SDalign treatment does need a tooth extraction.


It is only your Orthodontist, who can analyze and guide you on the tooth extraction and braces. So, ensure that you understand the condition while getting dental treatment to improve Oral health.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Rupali Gujar Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "In some of the cases, while putting the braces, tooth extraction is necessary. So, get the proper assessment from the Orthodontist and understand the severity. If you are given the option to remove or not to remove the tooth, then take a decision. Whichever way, you must get the beneficial treatment."

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